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Somebody needs to know what a blog is.
I want to be more than your random sex partner. I know you like me, I've been friends with you for 6 years. get your head straight and come to your senses.
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Why do we have to get cramps?? Why? Why? Why?
"When you are not afraid to fall, that's when you fly the highest"

"You shouldnt let random people who dont love you , arent there to help you with a flat tire, or there to fix you soup when your tummy hurts dictate your choices in life."
I'm so hurt right now. A part of me was prepared for this, but my heart is still hurting. I put myself out there.....allowed myself to be vulnerable, and for what? For you to consider giving her a second chance.

I feel SO stupid right now.
Originally Posted by eccentric_kurlz
Birth control or self control...pick one. He didn't want the first baby, he doesn't want the second one. Well, guess what? He's not going to want this third one either. Please get a clue. You have 2 kids already, redirect your attention.
if luvin KCKT and KCCC is wrong I don't wanna b right

sell crazy somewhere else...we're all stocked up here.
You didn't even read my e-mail you creep. I am so suspicious of you and have lost most of the trust I had in you. Your actions/non-actions over the past few days tell me my instincts are dead on. I am exhausted with the effort it takes to work in an environment where people are passively hostile and where management is walking on our backs to implement this crap. Sorry, a good salary and stable? job is no longer enough. What I do for the next 10 years is going to be pivotal. I don't know what it is yet, but I know what it isn't. And I want it to be in a place whose baseline promotes peace, harmony and cooperation.

I am so glad I'm in therapy and I'm so glad I have a dynamic Bible Study group. Enjoyment - wow, what a concept in a job requirement, and in the process of finding one. I know this strife and discomfort is a gate God has opened up to lead me into greener more abundant pastures where I don't have to hide my soul. God has made the decision about how and where to deploy me. All I need to do is devote my free will to discerning it. I will search for a good career counselor/life coach. I will find a way to learn how to better manage my household and finances. And I will find new and better ways in communicating with myself in love and care.
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That leaves me feeling very shaky, sick, and disturbed to the very depths of my soul.
I say that I hate you, but I still think about you everyday. Why did I call you last night?!?!?!
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I hate Walmart! I want to bang my head against the wall as soon as I entered the store. I'm irriated, pissy, and feel mad the whole time I'm in there. Why go? There's a game my son wants and there's nowhere else in town to get it. Evil Corporate Giant Suckhole!

Wow, comcast is jumpy, eager to get their payment, but not enough to be swift themselves!

I was a little late paying the payment this month because I was sick. I get a letter dated for the 4th (only 3 days late by this time) informing me that if I don't pay by the 10th that I will have a late fee. I just got this in mail today, the 12th!!!!

I can see they aren't going to be much better then the last cable company.
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Shut up or you have a size 6 coming your way!

Why am I so pathetic at times? Urgh! I am kicking myself. I could have at least smiled at him! Monday, maybe I'll see him in the gym. I will smile at him! I will, I will, I will.

Although he could have stopped me as I walked past, I saw him looking at me before I did.
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No, I do not want you to wax my lip too.
Holy crap, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU EAT. Your squishy mouth-noises are driving me CRAZY.
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I'm so hurt right now. A part of me was prepared for this, but my heart is still hurting. I put myself out there.....allowed myself to be vulnerable, and for what? For you to consider giving her a second chance.

I feel SO stupid right now.
Originally Posted by eccentric_kurlz
Originally Posted by wild~hair
Thanks for the hug, wild~hair. Things aren't as bad as they were when I first wrote that, but they're not where I want them to be. Still hurt, but I have guarded optimism.

T....I should be really mad at you, and I guess I'm still hurt by what's happened in the last week. But I really do believe that things will work out between us. I mean, there's nothing wrong. You've had not one negative thing to say about me or our relationship.

Call me a hopeless romantic, or hopelessly naive. All I know is that we have something really special, and I know you know this.

All I can do is hope that I get what I want, but at the same time, don't expect me to wait around. I'm a damn good woman, and if you can't see you have a gem, someone else will.
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