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God you suck...
I hate windstream. Bunch of lying *******s.

Thursday: Called local office to upgrade package, was told it would work THAT day. I left straight from work for my nephew's bday party and didn't get home until call center was closed.

Friday after work: It didn't work, called call center. Was told it would work by Saturday at 5 pm. They promised to call me if there was ANY problem. No call. Didn't work.

Monday morning: Called local office, was told it would be working by the time I got home.

Monday evening: Still not working, called call center, waited 25 minutes on hold, was told it would work by Tuesday afternoon. They took my cell and work numbers to call in case this was an issue. Did they? No. I thought oh yay, finally.

Tonight: Still not working. Called extension of girl I spoke to last night. No answer. Waited on hold, explained my situation to 3 different people, talked to someone else who said it was showing the order to be completed by 8/13.

What. The. Eff.

If I had a damn choice, I would take it. I don't. Lying sacks of ****.
i totally feel like i'm in mean girls. we are not 12. talk to me, not about me.....
Don't tell me I'm superficial just because I won't go on a date with any guy that asks. Most guys do not give a chance to every girl that shows interest, but I should somehow be different? I'm sorry, but I can afford to be picky, some people can't.
Here I go again.....and you did this to me!
"Don't play me...I'm over 30, and I don't smoke weed"

Dear boss,

I hate your rude manners.
You are the most arrogant person alive.
You have absolutely no people skills.

That's all.

PS And it is NOT ok to look at porn while "working".
3a/b, CG mostly.
Mexico City.
And these:

Originally Posted by wild~hair
Originally Posted by yagottaloveyacurls
I love it!
AKA lotsawaves
AKA new2curls
I feel really stupid and embarrassed right now...
"Maybe Lucy's right. Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you're the Charlie Browniest."--Linus, A Charlie Brown Christmas
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Join Date: Jun 2001
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I pray that I pass this thing...
every time i look at my ticker i feel sad. i'm scared of moving, scared of starting school, scared of the future. i'm scared i'm going to be living like this forever.
*~*displaced yooper*~*
\m/ \m/

master quigley and queen ruby, my puppy loves <3
You are stupid, quit telling the same joke you've told daily since April. You are the only one who thinks you are funny and you are the only one who loves to hear the sound of your voice.
OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just literally saw the most beautiful man ever. I mean my exact type, EVERYTHING! Holy moly. And.........he actually smiled at me, and acted like he was embarassed, looked down and looked back, the whole time smiling. WOW!..................................
The first day of school is on 13th of this wednessday. Did I learn this from them? No, my sister mentioned it, I had no clue. I called them up on Monday, they said they were sending out letters that day, but I still haven't received anything.

I have no clue what supplies he needs if anything and they didn't bother to put up a list at the stores, or on their website. I have no idea what time the bus will pick him up. I don't know who his teacher and therapists are. His school does a different kindergarden schedule, 2 full days, 1 half day. I have no idea what days and times he's going to school. I have 3 appointments next week and I don't have the slightest clue if those are going to clash with his schedule or not.

I am just so annoyed right now.
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you would look better without clothes on.
Hey, douche. If I'm on a deadline, taking care of something you're supposed to be doing no less, do not interrupt me continually to ask questions about some other task that could have friggin' waited until after the deadline.

On top of that, don't interrupt me again to ask where the document is that I'm working on. Next time I might shove it up your pooper. Yeah, I know I've got five minutes left, because I spent too much time finding information that you could have retrieved yourself. Tool.
Goodbye, my friend. It hurts my heart to know I will never again see your smiling face, but I will remember you in every paintbrush, every star, every bit of dandelion fluff; every time I see a happy mother and child, I will think of you and smile. You are everything I hope to be when I one day become a mother. The world seems a little darker without you, but we will remember you and our lights will shine brighter because of you. Rest in peace.
Location: Napa, CA
Health plan A or B. Do I want vision? Do I want dental? Is prescription separate? Where should I live? How much is too much to pay? Do I pay more to live closer or less and have a commute, which will cost money, too? My head is spinning!
Under construction.
comcast is the M************g devil!
the IRS needs to be nuked along with every M***********r who willingly works for them!
MW, you are a lucky M***********r I care about my future otherwise your house would be burned to the ground you lowlife, incompetent 47 year old eating with your mouth open b*tch!
i'd like to ram this economy and gas prices up G. W's ass with a hot flaming tool of torture!!!!
drug dealers rule!!!
the universe is the bomb!!!!
when all else

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