Upcoming nerves about back to school?

I'm in high school, and not a freshman, I've been at my school for a while. But for some reason, whenever school comes back around, I get really stressed out. Insanely nervous and almost shaking. I've always had anxiety problems to the point where I get very sick and can't come to school because of it. Not to mention that I'm getting a new pair of glasses for the school year, and haven't gotten them yet even though school starts in 2 days.

I think I'm most nervous about the people and the teachers. I feel like I have to have a routine and if I get out of that routine everything is messed up. Any ideas on how to help?

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What exactly are you nervous about? What people will think of you, or just not being in a routine?

Things that help me -

1. Knowing everybody else has nerves too, and they are too worried about themselves to worry about other people.

2. Get the first day out of the way, and you are going to be fine.

I read an interesting article about anxiety a few weeks ago. Basically, it said that anxiety is a reaction to something that you think is going to happen. For example, the moments before you are in a car crash. But once the crash happens, the anxiety is gone. With chronic anxiety, what you fear never happens, so the anxiety doesn't stop. You really have to start training or telling your mind that your anxiety is a fear of something that isn't happening, because it's still there. This thinking helps my anxiety a lot. Hope it can help you too.

Hang in there, your first day will be fine!
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The first few days are always the scariest. I also have some issues with anxiety and even though I'm in college I still get that fear that you have whenever a new semester starts(classes start tomorrow yikes) Just don't let it ruin the beginning of your school year. The other students are probably nervous too. Sit with friends if you have any in your classes, don't be afraid to talk to new people, talk to your teachers if you have concerns, and be as good of a student as you can be. Trust me, everything feels more normal and natural after the first week. I promise!

Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
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