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So some neighbors got a pit bull puppy after giving their last dog away. Last week I helped trim its nails. This week I saw it alone outside without a leash, and with no one watching it. I gave him a pat, he ran to the porch, gave me a little bark, then went inside. I called "Hello! Hello?" and two kids came to the door, a boy and girl. I know them from helping them with their last dog, and through their obsession with my dogs. The little girl scooped up the dog, I kissed his little muzzle, and left.

Two or three hours later, there'a knock on my door. It turns out that the whole family has arrived. The boy is claiming that I walked into his house and picked up the dog. The Dad, who was very nice, wanted to hear my version. I told him exactly what happened. The Mom looked upset, and shook her head when I mentioned the little girl. The father and I spoke, shook hands, and everything seems fine, but with all the crazy cops out here and the ridiculous propensity for gossip by my not-so-bright neighbors (really pathetic), I don't know what to think. Add to that that the family is A.A. and has received their share of negative fallout from the hillbillies around here. (And they're not so nice to me either, at times — the hillbillies.)

I don't know what to think. What caused the boy to exaggerate? Last week he thanked me when I helped him with the puppy, and I thought we were all friendly from when I helped catch their last dog.

Do you (gy) think they were just making sure I wasn't up to something criminal or threatening? I keep wondering if the police are going to show up next, and I am not their biggest fan.

I'm very confused. The dog could have wandered off and been hurt. Did ensuring his safety seem threatening and aggressive?


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I would take the fact that they came to talk to you as a good sign. So many people refuse to do that now. They call 911 and want the police to talk to their neighbor for them. Anyone who takes that upon themselves is usually fair and wants to hear all sides of the story.

If all worked properly, the family would have to speak with a magistrate about trespassing and then you would hear from police. This is something that all of the people who want police to have a conversation for them do not understand.

I would not worry about it unless something happens. If everything seemed cool, it probably is.

Why would the "hillbillies" care?
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When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

Maybe they got in trouble for letting the dog out? Maybe someone said "your dog was outside" and the kids knew they were in trouble so told their version?

I'm glad they came and talked to you, though

Or maybe someone saw you there and mentioned it. The kids would have had to say "we let the dog out, she brought him back" which makes them get in trouble
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It really upset me. I mind my own business more than anyone else, unless my trees are being cut or an animal is in danger or being treated poorly.

I may have to go do some retail therapy.
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I think it's along the lines of what Perri said. The kid didn't want to get in trouble, so said you came in when the parents asked who was at the door or whatever.

I would let it go if nothing else happens, and just be your friendly self with them!
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I think it was something along Perri's version as well. I suspect after hearing your side, the kids are under some sort of punishment for lying. We certainly would have been.

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I didn't even think about sweets, darn it! My stomach gets upset when I'm upset, but had I thought it through I would have bought a cupcake for certain. Damn!
I think you're all correct. It's confusing for me because when I was a kid, if an adult told a different version of what I claimed, the adult was believed. And, much as I hate to admit this (and with one or two exceptions, I swear!), my father was right to act this way. It's what I grew up understanding —it was the way things worked. However, nowadays, at least around here, people act like their kids can do no wrong, with the result that the kids wind up in terrible trouble in their teen years, making bad decisions and acting wild. So when the Dad came to me, I was a bit shocked. Also because it would never occur to me to enter their house uninvited. I've helped them with their pets, but I haven't presumed, for goodness' sake.

I also feel horrible about what he told me about how people here have treated them. Granted, I've certainly had my share of grief from some of the other residents, but what that family has experienced made me sick.

Anyway, he mentioned bringing the puppy over so I could help trim his nails again (the Dad mentioned this). I said "sure!" I hope he does. I want them to give me the dog if things don't work out, and I also want them to feel welcome here in the sticks, at least by some people.

Just a really confusing episode.

Are the racists? That would be more of a "Redneck". Granted, that term came from poor coal miners of all races trying to establish a union, and wearing a bandana to signify they were on strike in the early 1900s. Now it's just a stupid & simple country bigot. Hillbilly is poor, ignorant, backwards, inbred, drunken, toothless, inferior and possibly violent, mainly Scotch-Irish, white trash from Appalachia.

Got to get the derogatory slang right. *Lets not add racist to hillbilly. We Appalachian Americans have enough on that list as it is. Haha. I forgot banjo playing as it is...

I agree the kids probably told a story to cover their behind. It's refreshing to hear that they asked you.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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