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I'm going on vacation in a few weeks where I'm going to do a lot of walking, mostly city streets. I've been obsessing about what shoes to pack. For the last 4 hours (or more) I've been researching the interwebs. The consensus is that there IS such a thing as a comfortable and stylish walking shoe BUT when I look at the shoes mentioned they usually aren't. I need help or may wind up taking my tennis shoes.

Does anybody have any recommendations? Is there a comfortable shoe that doesn't make me look like pontious pilate or my grandmother?
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I bought a pair of Sketchers Go Walk. Most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. I can walk all day and my feet/back don't hurt. I have a pair of slip ons but I bought my Mom a pair that look like black sneakers.

I like the brand Ahnu

The blog barkingdogshoes.com does reviews for all sorts of comfy shoes. Some of them are ugly lol but most aren't
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Dr.Scholls makes some pretty good insoles. I use the gel ones for high heels because they have the arch support for my flat feet.
Totally agree with cailin - I bought some of the Go Walk slip-ons last summer and they really are the best, most comfy shoes ever. And you can throw them in the washing machine and they come out just fine. I've bought another pair, not often that happens.
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I love my Keens. I'm taking mine on vacay w/ me in a few weeks and they will be traversing city streets, hiking trails, rivers, etc. But yeah, they look exactly like what they are. No disguising them.
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Thanks for the input, I settled on some moderately cute Dr. Scholl's.

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