Do you like playing matchmaker?

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Why or why not? Have you ever successfully matched up ppl you know? Has anyone found a match for you?

In some cultures, matchmaking is still a legitimate institution/practice.

Do you think with the divorce rate what it is in the US and so many ppl unhappily single, a resurgence of matchmaking should occur?
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I love the idea of matchmaking and I think I'd be a great one! But I haven't yet had the opportunity to really match anyone up.
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I tried it once (as matchmaker, not matchmakee) and found it a real nuisance. Never again.

I do not think it should make a resurgence.
A friend of mine who's Indian said in her country matchmaking is a real thing. The matchmaker even decides on the date that the wedding will take place bc the date has spiritual significance. And it seems like even after they move here and would be free to get divorced if they wanted to (divorce is OK there, too), they rarely want to bc they're happy w/ the outcome.

Could it be that others know us and what we need better than we know ourselves?
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No likey. Tried it once and it was just awkward when it didn't work out.
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It could work if matchmakers are good. In my parents culture it's common, but the problem is they are blind/unaccepting to what our preferences are. My parents and relatives tried with my sister and cousin but just didn't work because they were only looking for one type and very hard to get a match when you are that limited.

My friend on the other hand who is Indian and more traditional, did have a real matchmaker how you mentioned, where they set the date, check horoscopes and all.
No likey. Tried it once and it was just awkward when it didn't work out.
Originally Posted by Spiralli
LOL but just once, it can be awkward with someone you meet yourself too!

I know what you mean though, its the exact same how I feel about online dating.
I don't think I'd like it. The "opportunity" has never arisen being that all of my friends are either married, engaged or in long term relationships already.
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1) with friends, no. I don't want to be there if it doesn't work. I will however put people in the same room. That happens from there is up to them. That has resulted in 2 marriages and 3 babies (from these marriage)

2) for strangers? Yes. I think I would be good at helping people see what mistakes they are making

3) Matchmaking works in India because people in India have different values and expectations for marriage. Indian matchmaking works because in that culture, they get married for stability and are ok getting to know the person afterwards. If the romance happens, it's a bonus. The marriage is more about supporting each other. Here in America, we have idealized marriage and look for romance first. We also leave marriage when the romance dies. And we are always looking at the other person for what they can do for us. We tend to be more short-sighted and unrealistic
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I like the idea of putting people in the same room (along with others) to see if they connect.
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