cant stop crying

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I am 40 plus one day....I have to admit I miss my mom as much as I did when I was 16......I am having a bad night...just sad and missing her and crying...nothing is terribly wrong...just sad.

And a Happy Birthday, even if you don't feel in celebratory mood.
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Thank you a lot. I just needed a good cry and I held it in too long. I feel better.
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Speck, big hugs to you.
(And happy birthday)
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I found my 40s were a time when I was really hit with a lot of pain from my childhood. The abuse that I thought I had overcome and put behind me decades earlier, snuck up and hit me like a hammer. It was like it was crystal clear all over again. I hear of many 40-somethings going through similar pain and suffering, so I don't think it's all that unusual. I was able to put it in perspective and overcome it again. I hope you can too. Hang in there Speckla. You are stronger and more resilient than you know.
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That was a really thoughtful reply. I hope it's helpful for you, Speck.
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Happy Belated Birthday, Speck!

I 3rd RCW. I think different birthdays provide "light bulb moments". You either figure something out and gain understanding or are working out an internal conflict. Mine seem to hit on 1's or 9's. Big hugs to you. A release can be the best.
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Hi Speck, I understand about missing your mom, especially on a birthday. I hope you are feeling calmer and happier today.

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Every day is a gift
Hugs to you, my dear Speckla.
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Hugs to you, my dear Speckla.
Originally Posted by maria_i


RCW and ND and CP everyone, thank you. I feel much better now after a good cry!

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