Do you get your boss a Christmas present?

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I work for 1 person and he has a Christmas dinner for me and my boyfriend and he and his wife. I always get him some type of gift card even though I know he would prefer that I don't. I feel like it would be awkward not to. I checked with other assistants in my office and most said they do not give a gift. We have lunch together a lot and he will not let me pay (for mine). I thought about not getting the GC this year because I really don't have extra money, but I feel like I've set a precedent 😵.
I get mine a gift every year. If you're going to dinner, you can take a bottle of wine and some flowers.
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Always. It makes him uncomfortable, and he always tells me I shouldn't, but I know he appreciates it and he totally deserves it!
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I've given a card, because I can never afford presents for everyone. On year mine got us all something, the next year she didn't. If you don't have the money, you don't have the money - give a card or something if you feel that you need to give.
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We used to be huge gift givers in my office. I would get flowers for my birthday every year. I would send flowers. We all got each other Christmas gifts but the work budget got tighter and ours did too so we slacked off. We get each other cards and instead of gifts we have a covered dish dinner each year. It is a nice way to take off a lot of the financial pressure and just enjoy each other. Part timers fill in (it's a 24-7/365 job) so we can actually do that for a couple hours.
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I say cards, wine and/or flowers. Cheaper than the GC but you still got him something. If you go the card route, just write a really nice note.
Our department does crazy gift exchanging for the holidays. Managers buy gifts for the employees they supervise, the employees chip in for something for the managers (I got a very nice Sephora GC this year). Then the managers do a gift exchange, and the office does an office-wide voluntary secret Santa. So altogether I bought gifts for 21 people (including my immediate supervisor). A few of the employees did individual gifts for managers, but it definitely wasn't expected and they were pretty small (gift bag of candy, etc).

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I have a really nice supervisor, for the first time in a loooooong time. Last year she got us all these little decorative item thingies w/ the letter of our first name. This year she just gave us all greeting cards. I generally don't exchange w/ ppl at work but I would like to get her something. hmmmmmm I hope it wouldn't be weird if I got her something more than just a card. She loves all things animal print. And all things penguins. I was thinking maybe some stationary w/ either motif. Dang...I should have started looking earlier! I didn't even think about buying for her until this thread.
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I have given my boss gifts every year for the last 27 years. He's Jewish. He's rich. He doesn't need anything. And it annoys him that I spend money on him. So of course I keep doing it. : ) He's hard to buy for but I've gotten him some great gifts over the years (one of his favs was the complete boxed set of Woodstock with all the extra booklets and such full of information). He gives me a dozen red roses, various gift cards (well his wife usually gets these) and a big cash bonus every year.
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That's nice, Jeepy.

I get my boss a gift every year because I want to. And yes, I work for myself. Some years it's better than others, but even a Terry's Chocolate Orange makes me happy.
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Yes, if he/she is a nice boss.
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i used to buy The Boss a sports-car themed calendar every year.

i got the new boss a bottle of winter ale because she mentioned that she likes very good craft beer in a conversation a while back.

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