Before I changed full-time jobs last month, I was working three jobs (one full-time and two part-time). One of my part-time jobs involved driving a bus for a retirement home, which I did for almost two years. The job was more or less like driving "The Golden Girls" around. Despite the generation gap, they pretty much grew on me and I grew on them. I enjoyed a wonderful relationship with them as they enjoyed having a young male bus driver. Some would even kid that they were going for a ride with their boyfriend. I became a curly-haired grandson to them. Anyhow, they were sad to see me go but I told them that I would visit from time-to-time. I came in for a visit last weekend at lunchtime. I visited with several of them and it was like we didn't skip a beat. The hugs, embraces and kisses as we greeted felt great.

I almost felt better visiting them in this setting than I did when I was on the payroll because it truly felt like a selfless act. Old people tend to have a reputation for being crotchedty. While there is that element, I found that if you treat them like they matter, they will return the favor. The visit with them felt so wonderful and more are in order.
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