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I know ppl's definitions of "healthy" differ, but if you are health conscious or care for someone you want to be healthy, and you/they are having a bad day or not feeling well and need some TLC in the form of a good meal, what do you fix?
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baked beans on a baked potato
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Stuffed veggies –stuffed sweet potato, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed courgette, stuffed peppers. And you can stuff it with things like couscous or lentils and even more veg and then top it off with a helping of cheese, pop it under the grill so it goes all golden and bubbly and YUM. Yes please.

Also pasta bakes with brown pasta and lots of veg, topped again with that cheese (can you tell I'm Italian? LOL).

Stews are also great and casseroles - hearty and comforting, but healthy.

I also really love a pea and parmesan risotto – that's great comfort food for me. Thick and creamy, made with veg stock and a dash of white wine to give it that extra 'umph'.

And lentil soup with homemade ciabatta . . .

Mmmmm. Hungry now!
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I make a version of Rachael Ray's chicken and dumplings that is pretty good on protein and calories. The dumplings make the stew nice and creamy without adding cream or extra fat (I do cook the veggies in some oil), and the best part is that my kids love it too. It's perfect jammies on the couch food and tastes even better the 2nd day.
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Lemon chicken on brown rice.

Or for something sweet, porridge made with almond milk and topped with EITHER (if you have time to spare) baked cinnamon honey sweetened apples and toasted almonds, OR (if I don't have time) honey, almonds, a few raisins and dried coconut flakes.
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