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I'm looking for a management software. I can do this via google and I know lots of results will come up. But i don't trust what they say, especially the reviews online so I'm thinking that maybe I should just ask you guys. Maybe someone here has experience in this kind of software. Maybe you use a good one in your office. Can you give me good recommendations?

Our small company recently announced that they were planning upgrades and if we'd like to make a suggestion. I'm thinking that maybe we can use a good software so we don't have problems with reports and so that our work flow is more efficient.

Any ideas, suggestions, advice? Looking forward to your replies. Thanks!
What do you mean by management? A CRM system? It may be helpful if you explain what you want the system to do.

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Hi. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I'm looking for something like this one that my friend recommended. Any suggestions?
so is it strictly change management? Can you provide a little more information?
We had a major change in systems a few yrs back, switching to a customized PeopleSoft product. Testing and so on could be done in the PS production area but the actual "change management" fell more to the communications folks.
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We use PeopleSoft at my work too. Oracle is pretty good. But no clue what your company needs a program for - you would have to specify.
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