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Hey Everyone. As you all know I recently posted that I broke my foot and you were all so great and helpful! But sadly my coworkers who I asked to do really a very simple thing that is infrequent became angry and resentful that they were asked something that was not their job. Another coworker refused to help at all. I always helped her out when she had medical or personal issues or was out on vacation. People I work with are not team players Not even one of them asked how I am doing with my injury or said I hope you feel better soon. My family gave me one ride to the doctor and said I am on my own after that, I've helped them out in emergencies. I keep thinking of the song from the musical Hair Easy To Be Hard;Have all these people let me down or my expectations just too high? I am starting to think the only one I can count on is myself and curly girls! Are people becoming more selfish these days or were they always like this??Has anyone here had this type of experience?
You're taking me back; we did a production of "Hair" my senior year in high school...

How can people have no feelings? How can they ignore their friends? Easy to be proud, easy to say no....

Anyway, that sucks. After you're all better, I'd be sure to remind them of how you helped them out when they were down and shame them. LOL

And oh yeah, get well soon!
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I don't understand that at all. Whatever happened to human decency? It astounds me people can be so unwilling to lend a hand. God forbid your injury inconveniences them in some way -__-

Sorry you have such jerks surrounding you these days! Get better soon
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I'm sorry you have experienced this. I've experienced similar from people. Broken bones are very painful. You are not alone.

I hope you get better soon. (((Hugs)))
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Thanks all for your compassion, understanding and support! I am trying not to be a cynical person after all these disappointing experiences. You all made me feel a bit more positive with your thoughtful and caring responses!
Shame on them! Sorry you are going through this. What is wrong with those people? !! (((KoolKurl}}}
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I'm sorry you had to go through this. I hate to say this, but as I get older I realize that most people (but not all) only care about themselves. They are so absorbed in their own lives that they don't think or stay focused or care about anything else. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about it.

Just keep your chin up, stay positive, and do the best you can!!

Feel better soon!
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Thanks for your support Curlpearl and Anniemae! Someone once told me people are selfish because they feel they have so little? Could that be true?
On the flip side of the selfish people in my life that I have encountered lately, the doctor and his staff have been extremely helpful, kind and nurturing toward me! That has restored some faith in me that there are some caring people around me.
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I just went thru something similar, but it was a friend, not a coworker. It is actually the woman in the avatar with me. Who I thought was my best friend.
I've been there for her so many times. I needed her to be there for me when I went thru my surgery. I had my house stocked up with food & anything she & I might need. I had my pain meds next to my bed & told her I would need bottled water there at all times. I also had some bland foods for me to take b4 I took my pain meds. She got me home, but when I woke up later there was no water for me to take my meds. I was in so much pain & had a very dry mouth. I had to get out of bed to get my own water. I asked her if it would be alright to take more meds. She was on her tablet communicating with some guy & couldn't be bothered. Her response was "How am I suppose to know unless I write this stuff down"? She went back to her conversation with this man.
I got my water & a few crackers & went back to my room. Later that morning she had to take me to my post op exam & she was driving so bad. Hitting all the speed bumps at full forced & making crazy turns. I ended up bleeding from the rough ride.
As she was leaving after a few days she told me she felt bad that she didn't help me out more. My response was "Yes, that would have been nice".
There is so much more that she did, but I don't like to do real long posts. I'm definitely looking at our relationship differently now.
Was I expecting too much? I don't think so.
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From Michael Berg:

Every person has a unique connection to the Creator that can never be extinguished, and every person has a great soul that can manifest important things in our world. To make a person feel less than they are because of something inside themselves, be it faith, race, or sexual orientation, is the greatest sin of all."
That really sucks. Our societies are becoming more and more individualistic, there's no sense of obligation to people around you. Just more and more self-entitlement. When you find people who are truly good friends, hang on to them, because those are hard to come by.
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I hear you on this!! People are so self-centered that they don't even realize what's going on around them the majority of the time. I feel the same way a lot of the time. I would do a lot of things for my friends (and have), but nobody seems to ever return the favor. I just don't get it. I don't understand people at all.

One thing I always try to tell myself is - don't sink to their level. As much as I hate being a genuinely nice person when people don't appreciate it, I like being a genuinely nice person. You probably think to yourself that you're not going to lift a hand for these people anymore... but don't do that. Be a better person than they are
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I think people are becoming less compassionate in general. One reason may be because they've been jaded in the past. Also seeing so many people take advantage of others or the system in general.

I work in the emergency department and ICU and I see a lot of people hooked on "habits" and complain they can't afford healthcare. There is so much addiction and abuse of various substances people feeding their habits then can't afford to buy food and clothes.

This is all unfortunate but I think we as humans are still supposed to show love and kindness to all of these people. For me as a nurse I can help them feel better in the hospital and give them a sandwich and resources and tell them to quit spending their money on drugs or alcohol or whateve habit their feeding. We should try to do the same for everyone... even though they continually go back to their habits. Eventually if they don't quit they will wind up in the ICU and we may get them better a few times but eventually they will abuse their bodies to death or disability or a nursing home. Sad but true, but they reap what they sow. All we can do is try to show love from ourselves.

If everyone in the world could just show as much love and kindness as possible the world would be a better place.
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How is your foot now?
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Thanks for asking Spiderlashes. It is much better than it was but I am still in the big walking boot and have a couple more doctor visits before I will be considered fully healed.

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