New York curlies, can I get some help?

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I'm planning a trip to NY this fall, but this is going to be a budget trip, so I've decided to stay at a hostel.

I made a reservation at a hostel in Amsterdam Ave, but I just saw that there's one in Queens (44th av) that looks interesting. The rooms have fewer beds (only 4 per room) and private bathrooms, and from looking at a map, it seems like it might actually be closer to the core of Manhattan where most touristy attractions are. Any tips? I'm mostly concerned about safety and quick access to transportation, especially if I have to be on my own at night.

Needless to say, I would love to meet up with any of you. I will also spend a couple of days in Montreal.
Hi Deda! How great that you are planning to be in NYC this fall. When you are ready, pm me your cell # and I'll pm you back so that we can meet, if you'd like that.

I'll try to help as much as I can. Queens is usually very safe, but find out how close to the subways your hostel is. If you are out late at night, the safest thing is to take a taxi home, and they are easy to find in Manhattan, but taxis are expensive. You need to find out if the subway is close to your hostel in Queens. If the subway is close to your hostel, it would be fine to stay in Queens but if you would have to walk alone from the subway back to the hostel late at night and it is even 2 or 3 blocks away, I would recommend staying in Manhattan instead. I'm just being extra cautious.

I hope I'm not confusing you! During the day you are very safe either in Manhattan or Queens. There are many people and although we all seem to be in rush, just ask for directions. I always stop rushing around (LOL) and help people when they ask me. There are many, many, tourists in NYC so we are used to that. Carry your wallet and other important items (ID, credit cards) in a CLOSED purse - not some open tote bag.

At the hostel, you will of course meet other young people and that is always fun and keeps you even safer. There are so many wonderful, interesting attractions in NYC. The Metropolitan Museum is amazing - unforgettable. It has more than art - for example, it has the Eygptian tombs and artifacts from many fascinating cultures.

I hope other NY curlies chime in.
ETA: Find out if there is a bus back to Queens that stops very near your hostel. That is a fine alternative to the subways.
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I agree with CurlyPearl. While there may be a subway next to the hostel in Queens, staying in Manhattan will give you more transportation options, including walking. you may be close enough to where you are going that you might just end up walking. There will also be more subway lines that will put you in walking distance from where you are staying. You may not have that option on Queens. Going back and forth between boroughs can be time consuming.

Do you know the cross street for the hostel? what and Amsterdam?

(oh yeah, and i don't stay in NYC, but I've visited enough to have this same issue myself. My cousin lived in Queens. I stayed with him for a week and it took forever to get back and forth.)
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It really depends on what you're doing and where you need to be. Are we talking about Amsterdam Ave. all the way up in Harlem? Or lower? Count how many stops each train ride will be to get you to where you need to go each day and how often the trains run. Some neighborhoods in Queens are horrible AND desolate at night so it might come down to where you would feel safer. IDK Queens very well. Maybe keep looking for another hostel closer to where you need to be? I would be leaning toward Amsterdam Ave., all things equal but that's bc I'm more familiar w/ it than anywhere in Queens.
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The one I've already booked is on the corner with W 104th St (close to Frederick Douglass Park).

Here's the one I spotted in Queens:

The accomodations seem better, but safety and transportation are a bigger priority.

I should probably stick to the first one.
Another question...I want to go from NYC to Montreal by train. However, Amtrak's website, frustratingly, won't accept my credit cards because they are international and don't have US billing adresses.

Do you think it's safe to buy the train ticket when I am already there directly from Penn Station, roughly one week before the day of departure? What are the odds it will be fully booked? From what I've seen, there's only one train that departs early in the morning and it's known to be a very scenic ride, especially in autumn, but at the same time, I can't imagine too many people would prefer a 10 hour train ride over an only slightly more expensive 1 hour flight.
Only a guess, but I think you'll be ok for the train.

Rou (this is where that tagging feature would come in handy!) might have more insight, but I've heard prices drop a lot for Via rail days before they depart.

She should also have some good Montreal suggestions!
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I would not stay in Queens if transport is an issue.

I would think the train is unlikely to be full. I did that train ride a few times and it was never full. There are also buses if for some reason it is.
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That puts my mind at ease.

I just got back from the American embassy to get my passport. The visa was approved, so that's great news!

I've decided to stay in the Upper West Side, as originally planned. So I'll share a room with 10 other women...I am young enough and up for the adventure. Plus with all the walking I will be doing, I'm positive I'll sleep like a log.

Thanks for the tip about Rou. I'll be sure to pm her.
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Welcome to New york! Manhattan and Queens is a pretty safe neighborhood..I live in bushwick/williamsburg, brooklyn and its OK for the most part..would love to hang out with other new yorker curliess
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Wonderful!...we should definitely set something up. I arrive October 1st and leave on the 8th early in the morning. However, my friend who's in Canada is flying over on the weekend, but otherwise I'm flexible.
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Kitkatcute and Curlypearl, I have sent you pm's.

Kitkat, my friend and I are taking tours of Brooklyn and Williamsburg on Sunday, so we'll be hanging out in that area and have lunch there in between the tours (one is in the morning and the other starts in the afternoon).
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I'm jealous. I hope you have a great time, enjoy!
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Hi Deda, I answered your pm. I hope you have great weather! Welcome to the Big Apple - take a huge bite.
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