View Poll Results: Whats your favorite Ice cream topping
Whipped Cream 0 0%
Hot Fudge 18 40.91%
Warmed Caramel 6 13.64%
Cookie Crumbles 3 6.82%
Chocolate/rainbow Sprinkles (jimmies) 6 13.64%
mini M&M's 2 4.55%
Peanuts 1 2.27%
Walnuts 1 2.27%
Butterscotch 2 4.55%
Other not listed above 5 11.36%
Voters: 44. You may not vote on this poll

Favorite Ice cream Topping

And one maraschino cherry.
Originally Posted by kurlykitty
Why stop at one? If I am at home, I indulge in 3 usually
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Does apple pie count as a topping?

CB, I had no idea... that you liked ice cream with sprinkles. ME TOO. Will you marry me??
Originally Posted by SpunkyCurls
Of course I will. Are you good in bed though? I like them red hot in the sack!!
Originally Posted by Cabana Boy

Cabana Boy, that is like, so last week...

And one maraschino cherry.
Originally Posted by kurlykitty
Why stop at one? If I am at home, I indulge in 3 usually
Originally Posted by SpunkyCurls
Because one is what's left after my husband gets to the brand new jar.

If I'm lucky.
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A splash of lemon juice over vanilla ice cream is great.
Orange juice works too. I also like amaretto or chambord
over ice cream.
Originally Posted by Iazywaves
Mmm, ITA. A favorite easy dessert: A warm brownie with a splash of amaretto or grand marnier poured over it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Sinful!

I also love magic shell of any variety, nuts, or plain ol' ice cream.
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When my sister and I were kids and used to have a bowl of ice cream, we would stir and stir and stir it and try and wait until it melted - awesome.
Originally Posted by AmmerieDrifts
Ice cream soup! I loved that as a kid.

I'm a big fan of magic shell, but I also have white chocolate syrup that I pour on top. I also love Bailey's on vanilla ice cream. If it's frozen yogert, I put oreo cookies on top. Now I really want some ice cream...
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This is an AWESOME thread! I loooooooooove ice cream and I did vote for hot fudge, but I would take pretty much any of those options that were listed.

Oh, and I love it when you go to the Dairy Queen and you get the soft serve with that hard shell stuff. that's good stuff.
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When I was a kid, my older brother worked at an ice cream parlor. Sometimes my parents would drop me off to hang out with him (incredibly nice boss, apparently). The folks who worked there would give me cups FULL of hot fudge. I was in absolute heaven. I also got to eat their mistakes.

That was the life. Ah, youth and the metabolism to go with it.
I cannot believe how many call sprinkles jimmies. I love that! When I have used that word outside of Philly, I get strange looks. So nice to see so many using it.

And I am not sure I could pick just one. Though I rarely have toppings, when I would, I love jimmies and hot fudge. YUM.

The melted peanut butter thing sounds delicious! I'll have to try that.
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For me I prefer Iced Magic (I'm assuming it's the same as your Magic Shell, liquid chocolate that hardens on contact with the Ice cream) and in particular the Orange flavour although Choc Mint runs a close second
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You are all too funny!!!

Magic Shell is AWESOME!!! I'm glad that I'm not the ONLY one that likes it

Also melting the peanut butter is super, but I also add dove chocolate to it and it makes it SOOOO good because it hardens a little. It's truly rich & sinful & OHHHHH sooooo delicious!!! Hmmmm, haven't done this in a long time, and I think I'm ready for some NOW!!!!
Mmmmm, caramel. Even better swirled in with bits of chocolate.

I loved magic shell as a kid---do they still sell that stuff?
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