View Poll Results: Do you have a "no shoes" house??
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Do you have a "no shoes" house?

Do you take off your shoes inside because you don't want germs/stains/etc. from your shoes to get on your carpet? Do you make others take off their shoes also?

I am very uncomfortable when I go to a "no shoes" house. I just feel more comfortable with my shoes on at other people's houses. However, I always feel more comfortable bare foot at my apt. and at my parents house.

When I was in England I went to visit some people who actually had a sign on the door of their apartment telling people they had a "no shoes" home. I thought that was very rude and not very welcoming.
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what if they provided slippers?

I toy with this idea from time to time but have yet to take the plunge.
I don't make people take their shoes off at my house, although when I was in Hawaii they did because that is the culture. That being said, I do not wear shoes in the house and I always appreciate when people ask if I want them to remove their shoes.
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I tend to not wear shoes in my house. But I have dogs. If anything, not wearing shoes should seem squicky because of the dogs.
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My gosh....who has time to even think about taking off their shoes when they come in the door?
The only time I'm careful is when I've just mopped my floor. If I go outside, I'll take off my shoes when I come back in. Or if it's muddy outiside. But most of the time, I just fly in the door and don't give my shoes a second thought.
I don't ask people to remove their shoes when they come over. If I go to someone's house and they ask me to remove my shoes, it makes me feel uncomfortable, like everything else in their house is untouchable. I stay tense the whole time I'm there.....I want people to be comfy when they visit....and that should be your first priority....making people feel at home.
I don't wear shoes in my house but I don't make visitors remove their shoes. I myself don't like getting caught off-guard when visiting someone's house and having to go barefoot. If I'm going to a friend's house where I know they prefer shoes off I'll make sure to wear socks. I'm not crazy about showing my feet publicly unless I'm really prepared

plus I think i have ugly feet so I prefer to keep them hidden.
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I grew up in Minnesota, where most of the year there was some sort of slop on your shoes from the weather. We always took off our shoes at home and everywhere we went we took off our shoes.

I've given up on this since living in other areas of the country. Culturally, it's not acceptable in most places to ask people to take off their shoes. But I still don't wear shoes in my own house. When I have guests, I just turn a blind eye to it, although it does bother me.

However, it bothers me more when I have carpeting. If I have hard floors, I don't care because I can mop them and get the dirt up. I clean my carpeting from time to time, but it's never really the same again once it gets dirty. And it always gets dirty. I have carpeting right now and it's off-white and it only ever really looks clean the couple weeks after I clean it.

[I couldn't vote, obviously, since I don't have a strict yes-or-no policy on the matter.]
..I want people to be comfy when they visit....and that should be your first priority....making people feel at home.
Originally Posted by PoodleDoo
This is my thing too. I want people to be comfortable and feel welcome.
Trying to find some sanity as I work on my master's in nursing...
It's IN MY LEASE . Yet another reason why the rent is too much . I understand that it is a part of Japanese culture, but we are renting the house, so I don't think we should have to abide by that - we're not Japanese. We liked the house more than we disliked the rule, though, so we gave in, and we comply. It hasn't been a big deal, really - I just didn't want it in my lease for the amount I pay. In HI, most people I've seen automatically take their shoes off anyway. Maybe that's why they wear slippers all the time? You drive past houses and see piles of shoes, and shoe racks, outside every door!
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I always tell people to leave their shoes on, because otherwise they'll just have dirty socks when they leave. I'm NOT the best housekeeper in the world!
I leave my shoes on in the house and I don't care what other people do with their shoes. I've had people ask me if it was okay to take them off in my house, which to me makes more sense. Some people might think it's offensive to expose your feet in another person's house, so they ask first. Personally, I feel uncomfortable when people ask me to remove my shoes. I don't feel welcomed. After that I feel awkward asking for a drink or asking to use the restroom. It doesn't make me want to go back there too badly.
I grew up in Minnesota, where most of the year there was some sort of slop on your shoes from the weather. We always took off our shoes at home and everywhere we went we took off our shoes.
Originally Posted by sfcurlee
same with me, except upstate NY. and i have to have slippers - i hate taking off my shoes and my socks getting all cold and wet from the slushy mess. i still always take off my shoes the second i walk in the door and immediately put on slippers, my fiance always takes his off, and guests usually do too, because they see we do, not because we ask. at other people's houses, i don't like taking off my shoes unless i have slippers, which i sometimes bring with me. i guess i'm a weirdo!
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I wish they would b/c I'm a clean freak! In the winter in New England, yes, I make people take their shoes off, but in the summer, I'm not as strict about it.
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I would never even consider walking around someones house in my shoes unless they specifically said to do so.

I would never say so, but I would prefer people not to wear there shoes in my house. Unless we're in and out of the backyard, I think it's kinda rude
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I grew up walking barefoot even on tile and I love going outside barefoot so I rarely wear shoes. I don't know what's worse, a stranger's bare feet touching the rug I like to lay on or their shoes. LOL
I don't ask people to take off their shoes in my home and I'd rather not do it in somebody else's home. If it's cultural, then I can accept it. If you don't want me to get your carpet dirty, my feelings are hurt and I wouldn't be likely to visit often.
I voted no because it's not my house so I can't really make that a rule, but even in my own house I probably wouldn't not allow shoes in. I don't really wear shoes inside anyways - being barefoot is so much more freeing.
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I live in a "no-shoes" house because I hate wearing shoes... but anyone who comes over wants to wear shoes in my house, I'm ok with that.

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I never mind taking off my shoes in other peoples' houses. If I notice a pile of shoes by the door, I take my shoes off too. I would NEVER wear random slippers, though. The thought of wearing something that other peoples' sweaty feet were in grosses me out.
Yes, I take off my shoes upon entering my house, as well as my DH. I also ask that everyone else take off their shoes as well. I don't know where their shoes have been, and I consider it rude to go tracking "outdoors" into my home. I have somewhat "one-size-fits-all" slippers for unannounced guests should they want them--the regulars know to bring their own slippers if being barefoot is going to bother them. I also take off my shoes when I go to someone else's home for the same reason.

It's partially a spiritual thing, keeping the outside and whatever energy comes with it out, and keeping the serene indoors. It's also part, "I don't want the dog poo you stepped in to be in my house."

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