Cold sheets

I hate the sheets I currently have. They're very soft with a high thread count, but they feel funny. They're not very smooth and for some reason they always feel dirty to me no matter how often I wash them. The biggest problem, though, is that they are hot. I love getting into a bed with cold, crisp sheets in the summer.

Does anyone have suggestions for how to find cold, crisp sheets that are also soft? Is it a particular type of cotton or other fabric? Is it thread count? Is it some mysterious planetary alignment on the day you buy them?

My sleeping habits thank you in advance!

PS: I tried Googling before this and got some very bizarre results regarding a very involved homeopathic treatment called "cold sheet therapy" and some song lyrics, but nothing about what makes sheets feel cold.
I think they have to be a blend, not 100% cotton. And a high thread count.

What that blend is, though, I don't know. Polyester? I'm not good with this sort of thing.

But I feel your pain, I *have* to have cold sheets (and pillowcases!!!) and have, on several occasions, purchased high thread count 100% cotton sheets, only to be disappointed.
I have only had one set of sheets that were "cold" like that. They were by marimekko and I bought them at Crate and Barrel. I'm positive they were 100% cotton but I don't know the thread count. I am not superpicky about thread count but I think the higher you go the more tightly woven and "hotter" they tend to be. At least that is my experience. I haven't slept on cotton/poly blend sheets since I have been able to afford to buy my own so I don't know if they are cooler or not.
I think the blends are much hotter. I've always liked 100% 250 thread-count cotton. I don't like "Sateen" cotton as those feel hot to me. I'm a sheet baby though. I won't sleep on polyester if I can at all help it. Yuck, hotel sheets!
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Fellow cold-crisp sheet lover here...even in the winter. I prefer the middle thread count sheets...around 300-400. Any higher and they feel warm, lower and they feel like burlap. Polyester blends make me feel like my skin is burning, so they have to be 100% cotton. Hubby says the test of a witch is if her skin burns from polyester...apparently I need to be burned at the stake. Sounds hot...
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I've heard good things about "Egyptian" cotton......
I agree with all the people talking about 100% cotton and mid-thread counts. And I have to say,it doesn't matter HOW high the thread count is, the sheets from Target all feel like crap.
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Hubby says the test of a witch is if her skin burns from polyester
Ha-ha. I must be one too, then.

I dread sleeping in the guest room at my IL's. The sheets are 80% polyester, 20 cotton. I discovered this when I checked the tag. I wouldn't even know where to find sheets with that composition (I can manage 50-50). I think they are leftovers from the 70's, during the polyester heyday. I want to ask if THEY sleep on sheets of that blend. I am tempted to bring my own sheets next time.
I think blends such as Poly-Cotton blends are too HOT. 100% cotton is cooler, and thread counts between 250-400 feel good to me.
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I really like the bamboo/cotton mix sheets from Target. They stay cool, and they are soft.
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Is satin hot or cold?

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The really shiny "satin" is often made from polyester...HOT! Silk satin, also known as silk charmeuse, is better. Still not as cool as cotton, but I'd call it neutral. I sleep on silk charmeuse pillow cases because it's better for my hair. I don't find it especially hot. I flip the pillow and can find cool spots.
Thanks! I will be on the lookout for 100% cotton with a mid-range thread count.

I didn't know that about Target sheets being crappy... no wonder all the samples I felt in the store today felt weird. The 200-400 count sheets felt really scratchy and coated (over-dyed, maybe?). The bamboo/cotton ones felt nice, but I couldn't figure out if they'd be cold. Glad to hear they are!

I loved my sheets when I was a kid... maybe I should call my mom and make her look at the label of some of my old sheets if she still has them.
I don't know if this would interest you but they make a fan specifically for blowing air between the sheets. It sits at the foot of the bed and blows air under the covers for you don't get hot.

Might help ya??
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I have some Thomas O'Brien sheets from Target that I just love. I'm not that fussy about sheets, but they do feel cool when I slide into bed at night.

But I agree that the "Home" line and is there a hotel line as well? from Target are nothing to write home about, haha. I have a set and I almost never use them. I just launder the TO'B ones and put them right back on.

They're also really purdy, so that helps. Here's Bobo modeling them ... you can see a bit of the matching TO'b comforter as well. I've had the set over a year and still really like it.

AHA! That's why my sheets are so hot!! I just looked and they are a blend of 55% Polyester and 45% cotton. They also feel scratchy, I absolutely hate them. My mom thought that washing them a bunch would make them softer but it didn't. So now I sleep on top of the covers, with a different blanket, and no sheets. Yeah, silk is VERY hot, I had to wear a silk shirt for my soccer uniform and it makes me even hotter than a cotton shirt.
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Another bad thing about blends is that over time they can pill. We stayed overnight at a friends house and they had really old poly blend sheets. I barely slept they were so scratchy. The next morning my skin felt raw from tossing and turning on those sheets. Whole body exfoliation!
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Bobo makes all beds look good!

Handsome Bobo. He knows what sheets are good for a girl.
I really like the bamboo/cotton mix sheets from Target. They stay cool, and they are soft.
Originally Posted by Windflower
They're cool and soft at first, but I don't recommend them personally. Mine was covered in lint pills after the first use and now it feels like I'm sleeping with sand in my bed. The pills weren't due to washing (had only washed once and they were still smooth), it was merely sleeping on them that got them all pill-y. I'll be buying new sheets here soon.

It's too bad, they felt sooooo perfect at first. Now they just suck.
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