Picky eaters raise your hand...

I don't eat red meat or organ meats.
Miracle Whip is NASTY. Ugh.

Hmm...I am trying to think if there is anything else specifcally. I have some really strange food habits, anyways. I am terrified (sometimes) of getting rotten food or getting food poisoning. For a long time, this meant that I didn't eat many fruits or veggies - totally an anxiety thing.

When I eat chicken/fish, it almost always has to be over cooked, also because of the poisoning issue.

Note, I have never had food poisoning, so it's not like a post traumatic stress thing, hee. It's totally an anxiety issue and the fear of getting sick after eating.
I used to be rediculous, but nowadays anythings fair game. I'm the one who'll drink the schwam (when you put everything on the table into a cup and make the most vomit-like drink possible). XP

Like LoloDSM, I used to be a vegetarian and am totally adverse to meat. It'd be so easy for me to go back to it if my mom would let me.

So nowadays I've basically decided to hate all poultry and pork, though I'll choke down beef because my mom has a very nasty glare. Saying you hate a certain thing often enough gets you out of eating it. Blech.
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I don't eat:
white bread
red meat
oranges (but I love orange flavored food)
anything with raisins in it (but I love raisins)
blueberries (but I love blueberry muffins)
banana flavored anything (but I love bananas)
Originally Posted by Myradella3
How could I forget coconut?
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I was a picky eater as a kid and lived on salad and bread'n'butter.

Now I'm not picky.

I'm a vegetarian so any meat is out. I don't eat fastfood because it's 100% non-nutritious and I usually get sick since going mostly organic. There's a lot of foods that I got used to eating because the health benefits outweighed any issues I had with taste or texture and I did get used to them and actually learned to like them.
-Shrimp. gives me extremely bad gas and other intestinal problems and tastes weird.
-The only seafood I like is whiting or whitefish in general, salmon, and as they call them where I'm from "pond fish".
-I don't like pork.
-I don't like chicken, but I will eat it if there is nothing else.
-I don't like turkey, but I will eat it if there is nothing else.
-I don't like meat in pasta dishes.
-I don't like flan.
-I don't like mayo, but I will eat Veganaise.
-Beets are nasty.

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All right here goes my list.

Any kind of meat or any part of an animal (I'm a vegetarian. The only meats I did like before becoming a vegetarian were only a couple forms of chicken and Wendy's burgers. So this rules out a ton without having to type it )
Cheese (any kind except for Sargento's cheddar (of all forms, block shredded, or slices), and mozzarela, those are the only kind I like, and only that brand)
All dressing except for ranch and wishbone bountifuls (the fruit one)
Any kind of seafood or fish
All bell peppers except green
Dill pickles
Sweet potatoes
Iceburg lettuce (ugg that stuff is nasty, and has almost no nutritional value: the whole reason I don't get salads when going out to eat, thats mainly what they use)
Green beans
V8 (that juice stuff)
Crinkle fries
Any kind of pudding except for vanilla
Blueberry pie
Blueberries (but I love blueberry muffins)
White sauce
Lima beans
Navy beans
Refried beans
Okay, all beans except for kidney beans
All soup except for tomatoe
I have come to hate mashed potatoes unless they are homemade with lumps
Sour cream
Orange juice (but I love oranges)
Apple juice
Granny smith apples
Red delicious apples
All oatmeal unless it's the fake strawberry stuff and peaches and cream or plain with brown sugar added
Mini wheats
Strawberry mini wheats
Milky way candy bars
Three musketeers candy bar
Dr. Pepper (unless its Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream
Macaroni and cheese (but I will eat the macaroni [only if its the straight kind, not the elbow] plain with spaghetti or pizza sauce on it)
Chocolate ice cream
Banana splits
Strawberry ice cream (but I love strawberries)
Chocolate ice cream sauce stuff
Strawberry ice cream sauce stuff
Raspberry sherbet
Lime sherbet is neutral
Marshmallows (I used to love them, I ate them so much I got sick of them)
All kinds of spicy peppers
That kind of cheese sauce for nachos
I hate all kinds of dips for nachos (except for Tostitos creamy southwestern ranch dip [I absolutley love it], and the plain salsa is okay)
I will not eat pizza with sauce on it

Okay there is a lot more, so when I think of it I'll edit it and add it in.

All soy sauces
Barbeque Sauce
Mexican rice
Hash browns (except for in the form of patties)
Mustard only when on my veggie burger
All kinds of relish
Sweet pickles
Alfredo Sauce
Brussell Sprouts
Fried rice
Stir Fry
Bananas are neutral
most kinds of Yogurt
Tartar Sauce
Apple butter
Blueberry pie
Strawberry pie
Canned peaches
Canned pears
Canned fruit cocktail
Deli roast beef
Berry punch
Pickled anything
eggs (if they are plain and not in anything, like cake cookies etc. they just tear up my stomach and I hate the taste of them
Sweet teriyaki sauce
Oatmeal cookies
Ginger snaps
Any kind of tea except for Lemon and white tea (hot with lemon juice added), and raspberry tea (iced)
Corn fritters
Dirty rice
Fried Rice
Corn chowder
Corn (except on the cob)
Sweet & sour sauce
All chips except tortilla, and cool ranch Dorito. Don't know about bugle chips, haven't had them in forvever

ETA again-
Ravioli (the cheese without sauce was okay, but I hate it now)
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I use to be the biggest picky eater in the world when I was a girl. I wouldn't eat any condiments on almost anything. I ate very few vegetables. I absolutely hated salads, and was just disgusted by them as a girl. I can remember crying as a young girl when my mother made me eat a salad. Now I'm the exact opposite. I absolutely love salads, and I eat them all the time. I even love sushi. My parents probably would have fainted if the saw me eat sushi as a young girl, or if they saw me eat a salad and actually really love eating one. It's strange how our taste buds change as we grow into adulthood.

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I am extremely picky!!!!

I'd be here for days if I were to try and write down what I won't eat!!, hmm maybe when I have more time I'll really delve into things...
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Me! My number 1 picky food habit is I don't like tomatoes at all! No pizza sauce, pasta sauce, or ketchup. I dont like stuff on sandwiches and burgers I like them plain, with just bread, cheese, and meat. Sounds boring but I love it and I dont like wet bread. I could go on and on about my unique eating habits lol.
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You made me realize there is more stuff I don't like!
Originally Posted by xcptnl
I know! Or more stuff that I haven't tried and probably never will. Except I've never met anyone who didn't love deviled eggs! People ask me to make them for every stupid get-together that's family related or work related.

Oh, and I hate goulash. And I'm very picky about the kinds of Chinese food I'll eat.

Miracle Whip is the debbil.
Originally Posted by utopiastars
I HATE deviled eggs. Ugh....

Why would you want to ruin a perfectly good hard boiled egg?
I was picky as a kid, but not so much now.

I won't eat:
organ meat
I'm a bit picky about my cold-cuts but do eat most.
Miracle Whip
mustard (but if it's dried mustard in a recipe it's usually ok)
I am also picky to the point where I don't eat anything for hours.

I dont eat anything that
  • looks funny
  • smell funny
  • onions unless cut into tiny bits
  • zuchini
  • eggplant
  • candy ( yes, chocolate included)
  • soda
  • most red meat (beef, pork)
  • bacon (except turkey bacon)
  • beets ugh!!!!!
  • melon
  • cantelopes
  • pineapple (allergic)
  • water (this is a must so I am working on it)
  • non-organic foods
  • anything with High fructose corn syrup (and thats a lot of stuff)
  • green tea
  • diet anything
  • any lettuce (except iceberg, working on that too)
  • tomatoes (unless used to cook)
  • white bread
  • cookies, potato chips
  • don't like ice cream
  • most soups
  • carrots (unlike its juiced with milk and rum)
  • beer
  • most hard liquor
The list goes on....I actually would not eat if I did not have to....I never seem to have an appetite coupled with all the stuff I don't eat. That's sad

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hard-boiled eggs
green bell peppers (I don't mind other colors)
hot dogs, bologna, and all other processed "meats"
fast food
so many onion and bell pepper haters! I'll take those off your hands. You can have my:

spicy anything
cakes (minor gluten intolerance, so I avoid all bread-like substances)
soy anything (medium soy intolerance, I'll be uncomfortably sick for the rest of the day)
red wine (headache in a bottle)
chunks of garlic (mince it, darnit!)
fast food (McD, BK, Taco Bell, those kinds of places)
most soups
most rice
nutri-grain bars and the like
ice cream with stuff in it (I like stuff on it - caramel, sprinkles, whipped cream - just not in it, like chocolate chunks or pieces of fruit.)

I love love LOVE tomatoes. You tomato-haters, I'll take all your tomatoes.
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I am the opposite. There are just a few things I don't like
caraway seeds
green bell peppers (I will tolerate red ones and am fine with chilies)
licorice-flavored stuff
yellow mustard but I am fine with other varieties

I will eat almost anything else and probably like it. Organ meats - check. Scary creatures from the ocean deep - check.
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PhDCow, I cannot believe, as a Professional Picky Eater, that you DO like broccoli!!!! That stuff is the debbil's toxic waste!!

Another picky eater here (though not in some of y'all's league). I'll just list some pet peeves:

Cilantro -- tastes like soap gone bad and it's so trendy now to sneak it into every dish possible. Ugh!!!

Miracle Whip The tangy zip of used motor oil. No thanks.

Low-fat/no-fat "mayonnaise" Yeah. Used motor oil WITHOUT the tangy zip of Miracle Whip.

Pickles in all forms Another sneak attack food. People HIDE them in your cheeseburgers even after you say "no pickles." Then you get that horrible surprise sour crunch and have to spit your food out.

The so-called Cruciferous vegetables If I wanted to eat tree trunks, I'd have become a termite. Plus they stink when you cook them. "Stink" should be your first clue that this is not a food fit for humans.

File powder Actually I got nothing against it except it doesn't like me. If I eat it in something, my face turns bright red and the projectile vomiting begins!
Spoils some of my reckless Cajun fun. No gumbo for me . . .

Sugar-free anything You want me to believe anything with that nasty taste and delightful chemical aftertaste is better for me that good old glucose/fructose/ any-ose? I'd rather skip dessert altogether and I'm sure that's better for me anyway.

The list of simple dislikes would be long . . . green bell peppers, kale, cooked spinach, turnips, rutabagas . . . I'm looking at you.
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I don't think I'm too picky. I'll try most things. There are a few foods I don't like:

Ranch dressing
Mayo and Miracle Whip
Organ meats
Cole slaw
I hate onions and green peppers on pizza, though I like them in other foods
I had morning sickness last Thanksgiving, and I'm still iffy on Thanksgiving Day foods now

Fig jam, I read that file is no longer on the market because it's carcinogenic!! So it's definitely to be avoided.
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Actually, it's the roots and bark of the sassafras that have been found to be carcinogenic. File is made from the leaves, which are safe to eat.

We have a jar of file from our own sassafras trees in our yard.
What part of the sassafras tree do they make the tea from? I am assuming the leaves, but for some reason I thought the roots were involved. . .

ETA: Google search says the tea is made from the young root. An article from British Columbia Cancer Agency advises no use of sassafras due to properties of safrole, an essential oil in sassafras.
So, hmmm?
"Tell me, are you incapable of restraining yourself, or do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all?"

"Honey Badger don't care!"

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