Wonderful glass/window cleaning cloth!

FYI: I recently purchased a cloth called Casabella microfiber glass magnet cloth (at Linen's n Things before they closed our local one).


It is made to be used dry, or moistened with water only. I cleaned all my mirrors with it, and they look great. It was so easy, and there are no streaks. This cloth is a flat weave, I have used some with the nubs and they streaked.

Just thought I'd let you know if you're tired of streaks. I know ammonia or alcohol wiped with newspaper works well too, but I like the idea of just water. Amazingly, we have hard water and it didn't leave a film.

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I believe Method also makes a similar cloth for glass.

Microfiber is the best! I use it for dusting, polishing the sink and counters and chrome in the bathroom. It's revolutionized by cleaning practices and cut WAY down on the chemicals I was bringing into the house.

Just stay away from the fabric softener or you'll ruin it.
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oooh, now that i'm actually going to HAVE windows (my little basement apartment has 3!), i'll have to look into that!

windows! brightness!!!! space!!!!

woo and hoo!

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