View Poll Results: High School Graduating Class size
1-50 5 6.85%
51-100 7 9.59%
101-200 24 32.88%
200-300 12 16.44%
301-400 6 8.22%
401-550 10 13.70%
551-700 4 5.48%
701-850 1 1.37%
851-1000 3 4.11%
1001+ 1 1.37%
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High School Graduation class size?

What was your graduation class size for high school?

hmm now that i've thought about it. For the people who had really small or really large class sizes the 1-100's and the over 600's. How was your experience with your class sizes. Did you feel lost in the crowd with the larger ones? For the smaller did you feel closer to your class as a whole?

eta: more questions
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our class hovered around 750 but only about 650 graduated.
Yea i wanted to have a section for not finished or havent finished yet but you only get 10 options.

My class was a whopping 150 persons.
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I'm pretty sure my graduating class size was 52 & that such was/is the average. But I know of one year when it was about 10 lower. So I just went with 51-100.
I think mine was something like 143.
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My class was 165. My classes ranged in sizes from about 10 people to 30 max. I liked smaller classes....I went to a large university and had a hard time with the huge 250+ student lecture hall classes.
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Mine was 263.

Shameless brag.....I graduated 9th with highest honors. :P
My class size was somewhere around 630 (with about 3000 kids in the whole school). I loved going to a big school w/ lots of ppl like that.. then again, i loved high school in general.
Class size was 220, +/- two people, I think. I went to a small, private Catholic all-girls high school. My class size really had no effect on my relationships with people. I hung out with the same 5-10 people, all of us were in the top 5-7 percent of our class. I guess that sounds kind of exclusive. But, with a class size that small, you take the same classes, with the same people, and you find that you (for the most part) have the same academic and personal goals in common.

I liked it. I think I would have been overwhelmed at a large school, especially since I was a year younger than my peers and still adjusting to American culture after having lived in Mexico for a couple years.

My high school was small (less than 1000 people) but VERY ethnically diverse given that it was in Chicago (the city). We had everything from Polish, Greek, other Eastern Europeans, Latin American (Mexican, Caribbean, South American, Central American), and Asian (Indian, Korean, Filipina, etc.)
My graduating class (06!) will be about 110. Pretty small, and I know everyone.
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I think we were 170-ish. We were a public college prep school, so we were diverse (for Tucson, whicn is not a very diverse city) but all smart and motivated in school.

I felt like I could consider nearly everyone in the class a friend by the time I graduated. Some classes were obnoxious, but my class was awesome. When someone would have a party, they'd invite the whole class, and make sure even the nerdiest/least popular members of the class knew and felt welcome. It was REALLY cool, because my elementary school and junior high were full of totally snotty brats!
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I think we had 110 or so. High school was the single worst period of my life. I hated everyone in my class, and they hated me. The also hated each other. Outside of the typical cliques (cheerleaders, jocks, and stoners) no one was friends. Oh, and there were no minorities in the entire school. Everyone was white.

Ugh...high school.
Our class was around 350 or so, which was considered huge in my small town. We were at the end of the babyboom kids.
I loved most everything about school. We had quite a bit of freedom back then. No metal detectors, smoking lounges, not nearly as many classes packed into a day as they have today. My senior year I had all the credits I needed so I got out of school at 11 to go to work, which didn't start til 1 so I had a couple hours every day to do as I pleased. It was great. Loved that time in my life.
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Jeepcurlygurl, do you mind if I ask where are you from? I grew up in western PA. You can PM me if you don't want to answer here.
My class was 585, and there were about 2500 people in the whole school. There were whole segments of people I didn't know. I thought I could recognize everyone, but I didn't.
I had problems making friends for other reasons. I had classes with many of the same people because of band and honors classes.
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wow you guys... my class size was about 900 & 860 of us graduated!

biggest school so far i guess

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wow you guys... my class size was about 900 & 860 of us graduated!

biggest school so far i guess
Originally Posted by stars629
when I read your post, I knew you were from plano. I grew up in wylie. I graduated in '97 with a class size of 166.
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I can't remeber...somewhere in the 200 range I think. It has only been about 15 years ( ) but I have happily erased most of that time in my life .

I can, however, tell you that I had bleach blonde "Madonna in Like a Virgin" hair at the time.
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I grew up in wylie.
Originally Posted by cyndi

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