How do you know when a relationship is worth keeping?

Go back look at your lists and then ask yourself what you're waiting for.
do you think you would like the relationship better if you felt more emotionally validated? does he emotionally validate you?

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You know his relationship that he had with his family, but you seem to be more concerned with how you feel comfortable dealing with problems in this realtionship. Do you really love him? If you can't deal with his past problems, then I would say get out. Not only for you, but for him.
From Michael Berg:

Every person has a unique connection to the Creator that can never be extinguished, and every person has a great soul that can manifest important things in our world. To make a person feel less than they are because of something inside themselves, be it faith, race, or sexual orientation, is the greatest sin of all."

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You know what would be really ideal? Some sort of breather ... a year or two off to date other people without necessarily deciding in advance that we're definitely going to break up or definitely going to stay together. I have no idea how to bring that up without making it sound like a breakup, but hypothetically if he were to bring it up with me ... man, that would be kind of perfect.
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Honestly, I think you need to end it. This sounds like the rationalization I was doing toward the end of my marriage, except instead of wanting to take a breaky-break you can't really do that when you're married I was looking for some other kind of out. I won't admit on a message board precisely what I was fantasizing about during the darkest days at the end of our relationship. Nothing illegal, I promise, but things that would make the relationship end without me having to do it.

**** or get off the pot. Crass, but true.

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