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Default Fibrovan For Fibroids

Has anyone here heard of Fibrovan for fibroids? If so,
does it work? Are there any other homeopathic
alternatives for getting rid of fibroids, no matter what their size is or the location, naturally other
than surgery?

Because even though the doctor can do surgery and
take out the fibroids, and even if you tell him ahead
of time that you do not want to have a hysterectomy, once he starts doing the surgery, he
could very well go ahead and do the hysterectomy
anyway if he feels that is necessary; once he's
actually in there; on the operating table.

So please, has anyone tried the Fibrovan or know
of any alternative? I did hear something about castor
oil packs; but not sure.
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I've heard that the fibrovan does not work.

Some people at the earthclinic.com site have shared different natural remedies regarding fibroids. Here is a link to the site:

Here is another link to a fibroid discussion group that you might find helpful:


And here is a link to an excellent website where a doctor explains lots of information and the different treatments for fibroids:
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It didn't work for my mom. She had a hysterectomy. Best thing she did for herself. Her IBS has gone into complete remission, she lost 15lbs, and she no longer has horrible cramps.
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Where exactly are your fibroids?
That would determine the next step.
Yes, you are correct about the hysterectomy. Make sure the powers that be know your wishes beforehand...g/l
imho...surgery would be best, depending on the situation, of course...
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I just had the surgery and I still have my uterus. I think.

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Ultrasound should pinpoint exactly where those fibroids are. Based on that your doctor should recommend a choice of treatment. If you go in for a myomectomy, there shouldn't be any chance of a hysterectomy -- unless you have been told before and consent to it. I had a myomectomy and no way did I ever consent to a hysterectomy.
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