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Default Curly haired characters...?

I was wondering, does anyone else on here watch tv shows or movies partly because there's a character whose hair resembles theirs?

I do this with Crossing Jordan and Weeds because Jordan Cavanaugh (former) and Nancy Botwin (latter) have sort of the same hair types and styles as me. I love the shows, of course, but this is an added bonus that makes me feel good about myself.
...She's been dead twenty years just look at her hair, strawberry blonde with curls, she gets hair done then she gossips with the younger waitress girls at the bar, the old Irish rose...drinking strawberry wine, until it comes out her nose...
-Strawberry Wine by Ryan Adams
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No, but I might watch b/c a character had hair that I wanted, e.g., Michael Michelle.

I am the new Black.

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Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
No, but I might watch b/c a character had hair that I wanted, e.g., Michael Michelle.
Yep...Melina Kanakaredes..Providence & CSI
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