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Originally Posted by love yourself first View Post
Originally Posted by StrawberiCurls View Post
Mine's pretty different than most, but I LOVE it and its so healthy and ridiculously filling. This is the one I have in my fridge now:

2 cans Tuna
1/3 cup Greek yogurt (its not sweet like reg. yogurt)
~2 Tbsp. Spicy brown mustard
~2 Tbsp. salsa
Dark red kidney beans
Bell peppers

...Usually I chop up whatever veggies I have in my fridge and throw em into a bowl with the tuna. Its so delish on a wrap or with lettuce in a salad!
This sounds great! (although I might play around with bean substitutions). Thanks for posting this recipe
Yeah I tend to use whatever is in my fridge, so if one day I have chick peas I'll use those, or sometimes black beans too! I love beans
3a/3b mix
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onion powder

very yummy
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Mine is boring - mayo, pepper, celery but then I put it on a english muffin, put some american cheese on it and pop it under the broiler! Tuna melt love. YUMMM!
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Can I just say how much I abhor celery? I've never been able to acquire a taste for celery and I'm so disappointed that it's a staple in almost every tuna salad recipe out there. Blech.
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Chopped up dill pickles
3a with some 2c thrown in
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Originally Posted by webjockey View Post
Lately I've been doing capers, olive oil, lemon juice, fresh parsley, shallots, garlic
Droooool. I am so trying that!

Medussa, you're not alone. I hate celery!
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