How many pairs of shoes do you own?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
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1 pair of boots (can be dressy or casual)

1 pair of sneakers

2 summer dress shoes

2 casual summer shoes

1 pair winter dress shoes
I have about 40-50. More than half are really pretty sparkly high heels that only come out every now and then. The rest are just normal, casual shoes. Im no Carrie Bradshaw but I do LOVE my shoes...

(my shoes fit my closet though, most of my clothes are dresses, the rest are jeans and tank tops. Its like I have NO inbetween. Its either very formal or quite casual)
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I don't really know. Around 15ish? I mostly switch off with 2 or 3 pairs during each of the 4 seasons, almost all of which are Dansko. And a few dressy shoes that don't come out often.
SHOES! My one true love! I have about 30-40. A mix of heels (business wear, cute stilettos, wedges), flats (ballet flats and moccasins), and one pair of tennis shoes, and 3 pairs of boots. Oh and about 10 million flip flops

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Before 2006, maybe 10. Now, around 80. I've accumulated more heels over the last few years. But I have a good mix of boots, heels, flats, about 5 pairs of sneakers, flip flops and sandals.
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i'm afraid to count!

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About 10 or so. I'd like to have more, but $$$ is the issue.

1 pair of sneakers.

1 pair of winter boots.

1 pair of cowboy boots.

A couple pairs of flats and loafers that I wear to work

1 or 2 pairs of dressy high heels

1 pair of dressier sandals

1 pair of flip-flops
A lot! Most are in my closet and pretty much worn to death, but I'm a pack rat so I won't throw them out. I only get maybe 5 pairs a year because it's so hard to find shoes in my size!
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50 to 60 pairs? But that's everything, running shoes, flip flops, flats, one pair of boots, dressy-ish work shoes, four or five pairs of chucks, some Keens, and sandals. Lots of sandals.
I just got rid of a bunch of shoes, but I would say 30-40 pairs are still in my closet.
This should have been set up as a poll, so I could have anonymously selected the highest number/range. I have a sick amount of shoes, bordering on obscene.
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I have too many to even store together. I forget about half my shoes because they are in a box in the next room.

I LOVE shoes. I bought 4 pairs since the start of December! Really great stilletos and boots. OOOHHHH!!! My new boots are soooo cute!

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10 pairs of flip flops

3 kitten heel sandals

4 high heeled pumps

3 pairs of flats

2 pair of wedges

1 pair of ankle boots

1 pair of knee high boots

2 pairs of winter boots

2 pairs of sneakers
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I haven't counted in a while, but I would guess somewhere between 40-50.
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I just got rid of a bunch of shoes, but I would say 30-40 pairs are still in my closet.
Originally Posted by SarahMarie
Yeah, me too. I counted once years ago and it was around 70, and a lot of them hurt my feet (I have wide feet that are difficult to fit). Since then I threw out (well, donated) a ton of shoes, and now I only buy shoes that actually fit. OK, well USUALLY I only buy shoes that actually fit--I do have moments of weakness when something is on sale and is just so darn cute I don't care if it's uncomfortable. But I'd say about 80-90% of my shoes I could walk a mile in, including the heels.
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How many I OWN? probably 20-30 pairs. I probably only wear 5-10 on any kind of regular basis.
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I honestly have never counted how many pairs. I guess it doesn't matter since I tend to rotate just 3 or 4 pairs.

I saw this online and got serious closet envy. I would love to have a closet dedicated to just shoes!

My original guess was somewhere around 40, but then I counted just that on the shelves in my closet, and I still have more under the bed and on a shoe rack... so I guess more like 60.
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I'm going to say 50 or so, but my coworkers would say 3.

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