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Do you remember your first kiss ever?

7th grade; Dave T. a guy who played saxophone in band (and sat behind me) Just something quick and impulsive, I guess.
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Actually, I just realized that my first kisses were with girls in 5th grade. We were "practicing."
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I was 17 (my parents kept me sheltered!) and he was 18 and was my first official, serious, "adult" boyfriend (there were a few before him but nothing physical ever happened since we were never really alone.) He was from the Azores, and I most remember how he always smelled really clean, like soap. That day, he was wearing his favourite type of outfit - white T-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket and his body felt really hard underneath them. I was wearing a long flowery blue and white skirt and a white top my grandmama had crotcheted that looked like a bustier, and I was wearing my hair down and curly for the first time in front of him.

He did not believe me that I could never have kissed a boy before. We were in his car in the pouring rain during a summer storm, and it was right before I was leaving to go to Trinidad for a year and we were talking about how if we were still together when I got back and started university, I would tell my parents about him (they didn't know) and we would get engaged so innocent.

I had not wanted to kiss someone I wasn't absolutely sure I had feelings for, but I was curious about it and feeling peer pressure from my friends, so we gave it a try, and in that moment, I realized I was not feeling what I was supposed to feel. I knew I did not love him and he wasn't my type and I didn't want to get married, but I was too scared to tell him because after he kissed me, he whispered "Eu te amo, gathinha" (I love you, kitten in Portuguese.) Later, and still today, that became a moment I came back to as a lesson I learned to acknowledge my own feelings and instinct, always (it would have spared me a lot of pain!)

You may laugh, but one thing that put me off was I could taste a little bit of MEAT in his mouth even though overall it was very fresh and minty tasting, or what I thought was meat, and as a vegetarian, that disturbed me. He was also very - uh, aggressive with his tongue.

I wish I had waited and that my first kiss had been the first time I kissed my next boyfriend, who was an absolute sweetheart and my first real, true love that I actually had a functional relationship with (my very first love was from when I was 14, and we "dated", but in secret and very sporadically and teenage-like.) He always kissed me so sweetly, but it ended badly. Bittersweet memories.... thanks for the walk down memory lane, urban!
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'First kiss' was in the back of a charter bus in 8th grade, on the way back from Busch Gardens. Truth-or-dare... her name was Selena, and she's actually quite a hottie now.

First real kiss was just before Christmas when I was 16. I had just gotten up the courage to ask out my first girlfriend; we were in my friend's kitchen after hanging out and watching movies all night. I was about to go, pulled her into the kitchen, asked her out, and had a too-long, too-stiff closed-mouth kiss with her. I was totally freaked out. Then I went home.

The next day when we saw each other, I made up for the bad first kiss.
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Yes, I was 14. It was with this Puerto Rican guy (he was 23 but don't tell anyone). I told him that I had never kissed anyone before so he decided to teach me. To this day, I think that was the sweetest and best kiss I've ever had. Nothing else happened with him, he was a good friend. That was a really nice kiss, though.
I had a really close call when I was 13, the summer before 9th grade, when camping. His name was Brad and he was SO HOT for a 13 year old. He had sandy blond hair and a nice tan.

But my actual first kiss was when I was 17, during my senior year of high school. He was my first boyfriend, and my first everything else as well! He turned out to be a total loser and I dumped him as soon as I left for college.
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I was 11 and was taught by some of my girlfriends who were more advanced. That turned into a makeout fest.
We also read one of those puberty books together and that turned into a show and tell. I sound like a wild child.

I remember, I remember!

It was with my best friend from kindergarten, Brett P. I was 4! We were best friends but I had a big 'ol crush on him. (Yes, I started very early with those crushes even though I was viriginal years after my friends no longer were.) We were outside at my house playing and decided to play wedding. I wanted to play just so we could kiss! Just as we did, my mom came outside and got mad and made Brett go home! He moved to another part of town shortly after that, but we ended up at the same high school. He was part of a group of guys who, at best, ignored me, but we remembered each other and always smiled warmly when we saw each other.

It's hard for me to remember the chronology, but I think my first adult kiss was with this guy whose name I don't remember. I was 15 or 16, at a slumber party. We were hanging out on her front lawn, about 4 of us, when this cute long-haired guy rode by on his BMX. He circled around a couple times and my one very experienced friend said hi to him. He came over and kept staring at me and I was so shy and scared! He was 19. We all went into the backyard and played music, and he wanted to dance with me. Before I had my first real kiss, I felt a hard-on for the first time! I didn't know what it was at first-- no one told me that a penis could "change" like that! I must've jumped back 10 feet!

We agreed to meet at a nearby park later, after my friend's parents had gone to sleep. He told me to bring a blanket! So I did, and we kissed, and stuff. It was fun and exciting! He asked for my # and I thought maybe I'd have my first real boyfriend! But less than a week later my experienced friend admitted that she started having sex with him the next day! Some friend, huh? Looking back, I think it's kinda sleazy for a 19 year old guy to mess with an innocent high school girl. My "friend," however, was not innocent ergo they were a better match!
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The BEST stuff happened during those slumber parties, didn't it?!

The BEST stuff happened during those slumber parties, didn't it?!
Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
"It is wrong to use moral means to preserve immoral ends." MLK, Jr.

Password= urban
I was 13...he was my boyfriend at the time...he was a football player and I was a cheerleader...the classic junior high couple. He had walked me to class and before I could walk in he pulled into this little aclove by the lockers and planted one on was closed more like a good peck.

However, I feel like my first real kiss was this past Nov. on our second date...we went walking and looking at christmas lights...we turned down a quiet street where two neighbors across the street from each other made their christmas lights meet in the middle of the street at a disco ball on their tree branches...and we kissed...wonderful.
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The BEST stuff happened during those slumber parties, didn't it?!
Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
My mama never let me go to one till I was 17, and I guess I see why!!!!
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I was 19. I was dating a guy in college who turned out to be a bit of a jerk. We started to kiss and he stopped and asked if this was my first kiss (maybe the kiss was awful ).

I was embarassed that I was 19 years old and never kissed a guy so I lied and said no it was just a long time since I had kissed anyone that I was out of practice. I'm so glad I didn't lose my virginity to that jerk.
Originally Posted by gg
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I was 14 and that was .. uh ... 34 years ago!! It was Halloween back when kids roamed the streets before Mr. Whacko Dentist (who happened to live in the same town as us) poisoned his son.

Anyway back to the kiss. A girlfriend of mine liked this guy I'd known forever. We walked her home, then she asked him to walk me home. Got to the front porch and wham .. kissed me twice outa the blue. Can't even remember what we talked about on the walk home! I remember he had the softest lips. I, of course, had to tell my girlfriend about it and she got ticked. The guy? He never even said hello the next day !

I'd always felt bad about that and actually through Classmates got in touch with her. I told her about it and she laughed and said forget it .. she ended up being a lesbian!

I know no one will read this, but it sure was fun to write about it .
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I do remember mine I was 12.5 and it was after a baseball game, behind the club house I remember I was mortified because I didn't know how and I licked his was my first love/infatuation, and he was such a good guy!
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My first real kiss was when I was 17 and in college. I was kissed by a guy in a music theory class with me after a Chopin concert.

I remember a guy walked by and saw us and said "get a room"...
Yes. That is all.
Originally Posted by Chocolate Curls

Same here
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I do remember mine I was 12.5 and it was after a baseball game, behind the club house I remember I was mortified because I didn't know how and I licked his was my first love/infatuation, and he was such a good guy!
Originally Posted by allicat
I hope you don't mind, but I am laughing hysterically at this. That is just so funny.

I remember my first real kiss very well even tho it was 35 years ago. There was a Junior High/High school football game going on and my cousin and I and a bunch of other kids were back in the woods behind the field where all the kids used to hang out, drinking and smoking things, etc.

So one of the cute boys we knew came up and was talking to us and for some unknown reason started kissing my cousin and I felt so left out. And then he started kissing me. And then we all talked awhile longer and he went on his way. And my cousin and I laughed our heads off. But I remember that kiss so well and the whole 'feeling'. It was the best thing ever.
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