How much holiday leave a year do you get?

I'm very spoiled. But I've been working for 35 years and have never been unemployed for even a day and I deserve to be spoiled. : )
I'm paid salary and never keep track of my hours. I work 10 - 5 Mon - Fri and get an hour off for lunch. If I need to go to the doctor or dentist or let the cable guy in my house, I just go do it. And I can pretty much take off any days I want. I get all Federal Holidays off, some Jewish Holidays, and usually take around 25 days off for vacations and mental health days.
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No vacation per se. I can ask for a week here or there, but have to maintain a certain number of hours for the month, so taking a block of time off usually means the rest of the month is very hectic and painful.

I will get 3 of the following off: Thanksgiving day, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas day, new years eve, new years day. The other three I'll work, I just don't know which three yet. But that's what I signed up for when I picked this life - weekends, nights and holidays are par for the course. Somebody has to staff the ER...

I do accrue sickleave, but pretty much have to find someone to cover me should I be too sick to work, and can't actually use the sick hours unless being off drops my hours below the minimum.
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We get 5 personal days and 6 legal holidays, plus our company is closed from Christmas to New Year's. And I get 6 weeks of vacation because I've been here a LONG time, and I'm grandfathered on a better vacation benefit from before my company merged. It's such a blessing.

It keeps me from looking for a job elsewhere. I use nearly all my time off to take care of my Dad.
My work uses "PTO" Paid Time Off.

Any time off (besides things like bereavement) is included in this time; vacation, sick time, etc. If a holiday that we'd normally get paid for (there's only about 6 of them through the year) you get an extra 8 hours of PTO.

Currently, I have 6 weeks of PTO a year. I have been with this company for 15 years in December.

You start with 2 weeks, then at 5 years you get 3 weeks, then at 10 years, 4 weeks. They adopted the PTO instead of Sick/Vacation time, and I think everyone got another week or something. I can't remember it was a while ago.
16 days of vacation and sick time plus
these holidays - New Years Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.
Originally Posted by violets

Same here except sick time is separate and unlimited.
All the "normal" holidays plus 15 vacation/pto days and 5 sick/personal days.
I'm just being nosy. Also, is there a legal minimum where you are?

I get 22 days a year. Bank and public holidays are on top of that. Sickness is on top of that.

The legal minimum is 28 days here (England). But, bank and public holidays can be included in that. By my reckoning, there are 8 bank and public holidays here a year.
Originally Posted by Piglet
Me too. I also recently got an extra 2 and half days to use between now and 31st March instead of a pay rise & and then from 1st April next year we get another 5 days per year. I would have preferred the extra money but it's better than nothing!
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