My hair is high AND low porosity?or normal?Help!

So, I've been reading about LCO and LOC the last few days, and REALLY want to try them, so I did the water float test to see whether my hair was low or high porosity, with about 4 different hairs..THEY ALL DID DIFFERENT THINGS. Two floated, one sunk all the way to the bottom, and one sunk about halfway..WHAT?! Are there any other factors I can check to see what hair type I am? I'm trying LCO today, because I thought I ahd low porosity..Guess if that doesn't work I'll try LOC when I wash my hair later this week. Help?
Your best bet is to pay attention to how your hair acts--does it dry quickly or slowly? Is your hair majorly affected by humidity? Do richer products feel like they sit on top of your hair or absorb into it? The at home tests are notoriously unreliable.

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Yes, I had the exact same result w/ about 5 different hair strands, even after doing it two different times, so I thought maybe I was medium porosity. However, my hair takes forever to dry and seems to soak up most products easily, is that more low or high qualities I wonder?
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Hair that easily absorbs product is high porosity. Hair that takes a long time to dry is low. Naked hair drying in less then 2 hours is low, drying in 6+ hours is low. In between is normal.

While it's not uncommon to have different types, textures and porosity on one head. The porosity differences are usually as the hair grows out--it starts out low at the roots and gets more porous as it's subjected to heat and the environment. It would be unusual to have hair that takes forever to dry and absorbs product quickly. The ends might absorb easily, but the length and roots would not.
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The ends of your hair eventually become porous naturally, that's why keeping them moisturized and protected is important.

One test that I used recently is to take a strand of hair that has been naturally shed, cleaned, and allow to dry naturally. You can take more than one strand from different sections of your hair. Take a small water bottle that sprays a fine mist, and spray once on the hair strand while held vertically. Time the absorption of the water drops into the hair. If it takes a minute or two--medium porosity. Two minutes or longer, low porosity. Less than a minute, high porosity. My hair strands absorbed all of the liquid in 2.5 to 4 minutes.

Now my hair absorbs a lot of product quickly--but it is dense and does take more moisturizer than most to stay moisturized. Or the moisturizers have to be concentrated and have good spreadability such that a little bit goes a long way.

On naked hair, drying time depends on temperature in room or outside. Humid, over 24 hours. Dry, 30 mins to one hour. With product, over 24 hours, unless it's a very dry day.

My hair tangles very easily, but I was told by four hair stylists that my hair is fine to medium. And it's not uncommon for healthy, fine hair to tangle easily. So, the $60 question is: Is my hair highly porous as I once thought, or is it low porosity?
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