Hi All! After much trial and error, I think I've finally found the perfect skin care routine (YEAH!!) So, I'm putting up all my leftovers for sale or swap (Clinique only). Here's what I've got:

Deep Cleansing Milk 6.76 oz pump (80% full)
Moisturizing Aqua Toner 6.76 oz (75% full)
Moisturizing Relaxing Cream 1.05 oz (50% full)
Performance C Revitalizing Cream 1.05 oz (25% left)

Yves Rocher:
CelDefence Protective Foaming Cleanser 1.7 oz (60% full)

H2O+ Skincare Travel Kit for Dry/Dehydrated Skin (used once, all are at least 75% full)
1 oz Sea Mineral Cleanser
1 oz Marine Toner
1 oz Hydrating Marine Moisture Mask
1 oz Sea Mineral Scrub
.25 oz Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

HPX Hydrating Gel 1.5 oz (hard to tell, about 50% left)
NaPCA Moisturizer 2.5 oz (60% full)

Dr Jeannette Graf, Vita Peptide
Overnight Recovery Treatment 2 oz (75% full)
Moisture Release Treatment 2 oz (75% full)

If you are interested in anything, make me an offer. I'd sell the whole lot for $15 which includes postage. Email me if you have any interest or questions. Take care and thanks for looking!