So I Placed My Orders....

I ordered Latisse and Retin A from the website RCW recommended. I couldn't believe the Latisse is only $10. My friend is getting hers from her dermo for $80 per bottle. I then ordered joan rivers a good hair day and a good brow day. I can't wait to get them in.
I'm curious about the latisse. Please post back with your results. Hope it works great for you.
I will. RCW has been using this for awhile and is getting great results. I got the order website from her.
Lotsa can you please post the link where you got Latisse? I deleted your PM by accident at least if it's here everyone else can see it too LOL
No problem....

There is a $25 flat shipping fee.
I just got my latisse and retin-a in. Yea!!! I can't wait to start using it tonight.
Lotsa, did you actually have to provide them with a prescription, as per their instructions? I don't have one. I get it directly from my dermatologist. I could get a script if I need one to order from alldaychemist. It sure would be nice to get it cheaper!
No prescription was needed for either item.
No prescription was needed for either item.
Originally Posted by Lotsawaves
That's great!

One more question - did you use a standard credit card with no worries?
Yes. RCW has been ordering from the site for a while and she hasn't had any problems.
I'm really liking Joan Rivers Good Hair Day. It took me a couple of tries to get it right. I wasn't using enough. Not only does it make my hair look thicker, but it covers the gray at my hairline. Normally I would be coloring my hair this weekend, but I don't need to. I can save money and time using this product.
So, it will be 2 weeks since I started using the Latisse. I can't tell a difference until I put on mascara, then BAM! I have long lashes. I'm really loving this stuff. I can't wait to see the end result after 12 weeks. I may have trouble wearing my sunglasses.

I just placed an order from alldaychemist for the generic Latisse. How long did it take you to get your order? Do you use it on both upper and lower lashes? Also what about eyebrows?

I'm super excited! I hope it works for me.
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I can't remember exactly, but I probably got it within a week.

I'm using it on both uppers and lowers and my brows.

The commercial doesn't say anything about the lowers, but it shows the lowers getting longer, as well, so I'm assuming they are using it there, as well.

We'll have to report our progress with each other. I'll be 2 weeks ahead of you.
Sounds good to me. I'm so looking forward to having eyebrows and lower lashes again. I mean I have brows but the inside is thinning so much. I'm the opposite of a unibrow! And I've always had really really sparse lower lashes as an adult.
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Yea, as I've gotten older I have to fill in my brows more. My lower lashes are almost nonexistent and I have/had thin short upper lashes. My friend who has been using latisse for awhile told me she also saw a difference 1st when she put on her mascara. I don't usually wear mascara on my lower lashes for fear it will smudge, but I think I'll try it tmrw.

I'm really excited to see the results after 12 weeks.
Finally got my shipment today (took forever). Now I have to figure out how to use it. How often do you apply it?
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I apply latisse once per day, usually at bedtime, but sometimes in the morning if I've forgotten the night before.

I dispense a half-drop onto a clean surface (I use a tiny mirror) and use a clean eyeliner brush to apply that half-drop to both eyes. I apply to both upper and lower lashes, even though latisse says only to apply to upper lashes.

I should try it on my eyebrows. I have a couple balding areas that could use a little help. I'll report back if I get any brow results.
Thanks, RCW! I'm really looking forward to having "good" lashes again.
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I am so tempted to try the generic Latisse from ADC. I am concerned about the iris darkening warning for Latisse. Any longtime users see any of that?
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