Salt and Pepper hair what to wear?

As my hair has grayed, it is now pretty white in the front, shading through gray to near black at the back.
It may sound striking, and on a good day it looks pretty good.
What I'm wondering now is if other gals with this multicolor hair going on feel comfortable wearing prints in thier clothing?
Lately I've been putting on, then taking off anthing with a print, my hair is just too busy and fights with it.
i can't answer your question about prints -- i do have a stripped long-sleeve tee that i love, it is blues. by the time i stopped coloring my hair, the front was just about 90% white, soooo......

i will say what i can't wear anymore -- white!! hahaha! i look like casper the ghost now! nor light colors -- so that part of my wardrobe is over, unless i top it off with a dark color. even jewelry has to be darker colors. altho my silver jewelry still works.

i believe there is a whole thing about colors to wear/to avoid in going grey looking great book.
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I guess its a case of knowing it when I see it, but its kind of frustrating, I'll put something on then realize its just too busy.
I almost never wear prints, never have, but I'm one of those people who wears what I like no matter what. Yes, I want to look nice for others but in the end I have to be happy and comfortable in my clothes. I don't see any reason not to wear a print with multi-color hair, but again it's all in what makes you comfortable.
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That can be tricky, but it really all depends on what one likes, and senses what is happening with different looks next to variegated hair. Since the original poster already picked up on the fact that prints appeared to be "too busy" with her transitioning hair, she would be wise to wear them instead in smaller amounts and go with solid colors in larger pieces of clothing, unless said prints picked up her hair colors - then it could be a harmonious look.
Like jeepcurlygirl, I've never been much of a print person myself(I usually look awful in them, save for maybe a scarf or something.) However, some embellishment or detail on the clothing construction itself can be stunning and elegant. Some of us due to our general look need this. I know for myself, going with clothing that is solid AND just plain doesn't suit - it ends up just looking generic and needlessly plain on me. That solid colored item has to have something else going for it, either some surface detail or construction as I mentioned. And I don't even have the s+p-colored hair as I still color, and likely will for some time.
I tend to stay away from prints because it's really hard to wear them without looking like an old lady. Just my opinion. I think scarves (so ubiquitous these days) are tricky, too--I think it's very hard to wear them without looking old. With a coat, to stay warm, ok, but just as an accessory? I just can't do it.
Oh I feel your pain, literally. I have also had PF for more years than I can count. The latest episode was only cured with 3 injections from my favorite Podiatrist. As for insert the custom orthodics are the best but if thats not an option , Good Feet does a good job of fitting. If that is something you are interested in don't go for th whole package. They push for the sport etc. Just get one of the inserts and move around to all your shoes. If like me you wear sandals alot Teva has several casual looks that will hold the inserts and then Mephisto has a few that work well and have good support. I wish I were one of those folks that had relief after a few weeks but alas not the case, it was many many months and I am religious about maintaining where I am today. Good luck, it is pain in the butt but can be helped. This is harder than figuring out the curly girl issues :-)
I never thought about prints being a problem for salt and pepper hair! I guess I need to pay more attention. There are some colors I just can't wear, but I'm with Jeepy - I wear whatever I like.

I like the idea of having a print or some color in a scarf. I found this video of 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes. Thought you ladies might enjoy it!
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I disagree about scarves automatically making one look old - it all depends on what kind of scarf and how one wears it. What counts is what looks good on you and what you like. Personally I do a lot of oblong scarves folded in half and worn European style with the ends drawn through the resulting loop and that doesn't look old at all! In fact, I get a ton of compliments about how this sets off my face and hair. I see lots of people of differing ages with this and it's easy too - no tricky knots required. To keep materials current, avoid the "old lady"-type of prints and go with an interesting material. Can be anything from a Thai silk up to a heavily-textured knit, whatever makes you look good, in colors that suit one's face and hair. This all can look very elegant, but certainly not "old".
I never thought about prints being a problem for salt and pepper hair! I guess I need to pay more attention. There are some colors I just can't wear, but I'm with Jeepy - I wear whatever I like.

I like the idea of having a print or some color in a scarf. I found this video of 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes. Thought you ladies might enjoy it!
Originally Posted by kasden

Thanks for the link - I actually enjoy wearing scarves and like finding new ways to wear them!
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What a great video; thanks for sharing that!
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You are beautiful!

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