Hair length and age.

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None of anyone's business but yours and possibly your employers (within reason, in terms of colour and neatness, not length) how you wear your hair.

I am 40+ and intend to keep dying my hair unnatural colours and grow to waist. Once I am all white I'd like a pastel rainbow.

Most laws and many rules are based in logic, to maintain society, to stop us hurting one another. 'Growing old gracefully' doesn't fit in with that at all - it is nothing more than a whim of fashion since women have worn their hair long into old age for thousands of years. Sikhs don't cut their hair, the bible calls it a woman's glory IIRC.
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Well said Firefox. There's no perfectly good reason for women of any age to crawl up into some sexist fashion cage. ... Now that I think of it, men are also pressured to cut their hair too at an older age IMO, but still, it seems there's a lot less pressure on them to do so. Anyway, no one of either gender should feel pressured this way
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The whole idea of social norms is areal head scratcher for me. Like "you're supposed to do this, that, X, Y or Z when you are this age." Says who?
Originally Posted by bobby
The meedja.

Fashion mags etc tell us how we are suppose to look.

What's amusing about them is except for very few models most of the people modelling clothes are aiming at a market for people much older than they are.
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I'm planning on a pixie cut soon. But I think people try to weigh you down after hait cuts too. Like when I hacked off my hair last month and people see me their like why it was so pretty? Ny mom is even like don't worry its growing back honey. Lmao

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Hair length and age.-imageuploadedbycurltalk1384125912.451308.jpg

Color is washed out, but I don't dye either. I want to grow it out to hip length and then cut ten inches off to donate, again
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well i will be 64 in a week. i have my yearly haircut scheduled with ana of devachan in 3 days and we keep the length, just cut off the dead stuff and shape it a bit.. its below BSL and gray mostly. i think many women cut their hair bc it gets thin and scraggly looking. we are blessed with curls so we can wear long hair and it looks good. my hair is thin but people think it is thick. its the cotton candy effect...
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I do wear my hair in an inverted bob, because it does work with my type of waves and curls, NOT because I'm older LOL! Phooey on stupid rules by the haircut police, and other so-called fashion and beauty authorities who seem to think we should all tone it down and disappear after a certain age. And yes, there are far too many menopausal women who whack off perfectly beautiful hair where they looked fine before whacking it off, usually way too short. Unless said women have the right shape of head, features and general look, that "no-nonsense" short haircut only serves to neuter them. But on the right older woman, a very short haircut can look beautiful, as on the right older woman, butt-length, beautifully-kept hair of whatever color looks magical and beautiful. Moral of the story, do what makes one feel and look great and makes one happy, like jeepcurlygurl often says.
For years I kept it cut shoulder length, but the truth is that it is much easier for me to deal with it longer (it is about halfway down my back now but I have no plans of stopping anytime soon). I don't care what others think, if it is long and I have a bad hair day I can stick it in a ponytail or a barrette and be done with it, that is what matters for me, and it looks nicer longer curly too.
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My mother's was the generation which started wearing their hair short, and they like to say that long hair looks old. IMO it looks old to them because of their associating it with their mothers' and grandmothers' generations. I also think that hairdressers embraced that slogan because it encourages women to come in for frequent cuts and other services.

Now, young women say that short hair makes you look older, and I think the reason is the same. Their mothers and grandmothers cut their hair short, but long hair was the in thing for their generation, so it looks "younger" to them.

When I tried to grow my hair, I always got sabotaged by hairdressers who wouldn't or couldn't cut my hair so it looked even unless they cut it terminally short. Prior to that, my mother always forced me to have extremely short hair. Now that I've started getting Deva cuts, I've been able to grow it. With all the jump it has, it seems to take forever to grow, but I'm enjoying having it the way I always wanted it, although I'm finding the learning curve harder at this point in my life.
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When I mentioned how cute my young co-workers would look with pixie cuts, one immediately looked panicked, and said, "Guys don't like short hair! Cutting your hair into a pixie is the first nail in the coffin of middle age!"

^^^Miley Cyrus, Michelle Williams, Mary J. Blige, Keira Knightly, etc. Gee, they look ready for the grave! Sorry if I spelled their names wrong.
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When I mentioned how cute my young co-workers would look with pixie cuts, one immediately looked panicked, and said, "Guys don't like short hair! Cutting your hair into a pixie is the first nail in the coffin of middle age!"

Originally Posted by claudine191
Funny, can't recall any guy turning down an attractive woman, saying, "She'd be sexy if it weren't for that pixie cut"

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I've noticed many older women (not saying "old"; they're just older than me, and i'm not old!) either wear hair shoulder length or shorter, or have it long and wear it up all the time. As many have said, it's a matter of personal preference. I'm 44, and my hair is about APL/BSL. Hubby loves the length, but I love the ease of short. My face is more flattered by the length, so it'll stay . . . for now.
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Mine is about 3 inches shy of being waist length. The guy i'm dating says I can never cut it. Yeah, OK
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When I started CG and my hair got healthier I let it grow a little longer than usual, maybe midback and it looked good on me, but then a few years later one day I looked at myself in the mirror and realized the hair seemed to just hand there dragging my face down, it was making me look older! So I ran and got it cut, it was summer too in S. FL so I got a chin length bob which was instantly rejuvenating... but I realize that's not the case with everyone. I, for one, I'm very happy that today we make our own rules. I still remember when I was 29 or 30 a friend of mine (I was living in a small southern town...) told me her mother was telling her she needed to think of cutting her hair because she was turning 30.

As someone mentioned, a lot of, let's say, post-menopausal women, get their hair cut because it thins down, and other because even due to health reasons they can't "fuss" with longer hair anymore. I think then people associated the image of older women and shorter hair and expected everyone to "fit in", which I think violates individuality.

I continued to cut my hair every summer and then letting it grow no longer than shoulder length and I loved the changes... But last year I got a b/f, while my hair was still pretty short, but he secretly liked long hair like most men. It so happened I was a little too broke to go get a haircut so I skipped the usual summer one. During the winter it grew like a weed and I at least needed a trim, but in reality I was ready to lop off half of it...
but when I finally talked about getting a trim he nearly panicked... and although I like to do my own thing, since he's been so good to me I figured I could please him with that. As it turned out my hair ended up a little shorter than intended because of a bad haircut that had to be corrected but not as short as I would've wanted. But my hair grows so fast it's already a few inches below my shoulder and it's bothering me when it's airdrying so I wouldn't mind cutting it again, I just get bored with the same all the time, so to ease the boredom I've lightened it some and also changed the shade.
I'm loving reading the comments. I'm 42 and I rarely go with "the norms". I also want the long magical unicorn hair.

I let my curly hair grow out for 5 years after big chopping and when it was straightened it was BSL. I loved it and so did my husband, but the stress of home shopping/buying drove me to cut, and cut, and cut! Now it's barely sweeping my shoulder - straightened! I'm hating that I cut my hair and I am very anxious for it to grow back. I don't think I'll be cutting it this short ever again.

I'll get back to relying on pinning my hair up and using awesome hair jewelry so as not to get bored with styling if I don't want to wear it down. Contrary to what those out there think of women of a certain age, my long hair made me feel super sexy. I think a woman should wear her hair in the way that makes her feel good, and not be dictated by family or what society thinks. Ugghhh, how dare they. LOL
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