How young a guy could you pull? Keep?

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That's a good point, sixel. I have such different concerns than so many people my age: I'm child-free, live alone, and have lots of dogs. This may lessen my degree of emotional maturity as well. (I'm okay with that.)


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I think the appeal of online dating may be wearing off for me. And now i am seeing why...the mentality is rather bizarre to me.
Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
The whole thing seems bizarre to me. It does seem to work well for several people, but I have never had an interest in it. It's set up to be shallow, in a sense. That is just the nature of the system, and does seem to bring that behavior out in several (of course not all) users.

*Did you see the comedy blog about the worst profile ever, and research article about the most welcome online dating behaviors I posted in SIIDY? The fake profile was hysterical. The girl was trying her hardest to not attract men by saying her hobbies were knocking cups out of homeless peoples hands and convincing people she was pregnant BUT she got 150 messages in a blink of an eye.
Originally Posted by Fifi.G

I met my exhusband online and several LTRs. And even a couple of awesome male platonic friends. So I think, it's a great set up. And I don't think it's necessarily shallow at all.

It's just that there are some very damaged/jaded ppl on these sites. And their dysfunctional behaviors kind of infect the entire community.

I read the second link you posted...if I understand what you're referring to. I will check the first one.

Yes, the who institution of the "dating site" is rife w/ comedy! Some of these ppl are so ridiculous. LOL

I agree though that the older you get the less age matters.
Originally Posted by bobby
I used to think so. But there are huge differences btwn a 40 and 55 yr old and a 50 and 65 yr old!

Of course there are lots of person-to-person variables (such as fitness and career stage, etc.) but I would never advise anyone to get into any romantic relationship w/ a 10 yr difference or more. Frustrating for one and stifling for the other...depending on who is May and who is December at which points in time.
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I am pretty sure the young dude that I saw a couple of weeks ago, I could have had my way with him.
I think he was 30, if that, but probably not even!
He has a girlfriend of 6 years, but yet couldn't resist that I knew so much about cars.
He even said, hey, this is my friend's truck, try this out. What do you think? It was Mr. Jack with a little bit of honey on the side.
I was like. Oh, yeah, I still got this. Just sayin.
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My husband is 12 years younger than myself. I was 37 when I met him...he quickly fell for me. I was too busy considering him to be a "kid" to really notice- it took another five years before I seriously considered him romantically. We married when I was 45. He's not the first younger man I've attracted...when I was 41, I briefly dated a 22 year old. Attracting a younger man is just as easy as attracting an older one- be your confident, smart self. Men love a smart, self-assured woman. A younger guy appreciates an older woman, because, often, older women are past the drama and bs which can afflict women in the man's age group. With me, my hubby knew I was past the "I want kids" stage of my life, so he didn't have that pressure like with women in there 20s and 30s.
I attach men young enough to be my children however I am not interested. I prefer men who are older than me.

My was talking with my professor the other day and happen to mention I had a birthday a few weeks ago. She was shocked at my age and said she thought I was 20 years younger than I am! So did my classmates...I was deeply flattered.

My sons have said I may need a younger man because I have so much energy and like to do things. I think there is a man out there who is older but has a youthful "spirit" like me.

My high school sweetheart is attempting to come back in my life...maybe...LOL!
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Ain't no one going to mistake me for 20 years younger anymore. *sigh*
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I just started hanging out w/ a YOUNGER GUY! I can't believe it. It all happened after I started this thread. It feels slightly weird to me...but i'm getting over it! LOL He's only 2 yrs younger. But he looks really young. And he is fine as hell!
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Ok IMO 2 years doesn't count as "younger" unless you are 18.
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Ok IMO 2 years doesn't count as "younger" unless you are 18.
Originally Posted by chupie
You don't understad my track record! I am a certified fossil chaser! So this is a MAJOR paradigm shift for me. LOL
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i agree that 2 yrs is not really younger. so it's not that he's 'younger' than you, it's that he's the youngest you've been with!! LOL!
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i agree that 2 yrs is not really younger. so it's not that he's 'younger' than you, it's that he's the youngest you've been with!! LOL!
Originally Posted by rbb
Well, I was w/ younger...when I was 20! LOL

IDK why two yrs is making me feel so Mrs. Robinson-ish.
And IDK why I waited this long to try this!
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Because the fossils are slowing down?
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