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curlyprincess1 04-08-2014 01:35 PM

My sex drive is out of this world!

spiderlashes5000 04-08-2014 02:38 PM

What's the problem??

Fifi.G 04-08-2014 05:03 PM

^ Exactly.

and I am guessing that should be is out of this world rather than drive it out of this word. :)

sixelamy 04-08-2014 05:23 PM

I had that when I went off the pill for about a year. It was the most awful thing in this world, I totally sympathize with you. It was fun for maybe like a week lol

multicultcurly 04-08-2014 06:09 PM

I find this to only be a problem if there is no one I want to have sex with. The only problem is if it begins to interfere with work and other obligations.

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curlyprincess1 04-10-2014 11:58 AM

sixelamy, Interesting. I think, if I can remember, I have been off the pill for about a year. Wow. However, I have been having fun!

CGSince2002 04-16-2014 09:40 PM

If there's no partner... there are toys for that... ;-)

curlyprincess1 04-17-2014 09:41 AM

I broke it! :laughing2:

CGSince2002 04-17-2014 05:12 PM

ROTFL!!! What, no back up???

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