Shedding? I'm afraid it's breakage! Help!

..Had my hair braided for 5-7 days while wearing a U-part wig. I took it down to wash & place in my 3 ponytails going straight down the middle (thanks Naptural85). I seemed to have lost a lot of hair. I moisturized with water, Shea moisture, and my own hair oil mix almost daily. I seem to lose a lot of hair on average, though I spray with water, moisturize and then seal and twist in several twists each night. Am I manipulating my hair too much? Why so much loss? Thanks!

Oh and I believe it's mostly breakage not shedding, not many bulbs.
Forgive me if this should have been added to another thread. I couldn't find one.
The first photo is the while washing (shea moisture) loss, 2nd is loss while moisturizing and placing in several twists.

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Shedding? I'm afraid it's breakage! Help!-hair-loss-breakage-while-washing-detangling.jpg   Shedding? I'm afraid it's breakage! Help!-hair-loss-breakage-while-styling-after-wash-finger-detangling.jpg  
If it's coming from the roots, it'd shedding. We shed roughly about 100 hairs a day. If you don't see the root, then it's breakage. Personally, (I don't mean to offend) I think wigs & braids with extensions can cause breakage. But you can use Jamaican black castor oil to regrow your hair.

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