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I've always been quite lucky with my skin, apart from dryness and very mild occasional eczema, I've never really had problems. I guess I haven't got problems as such now, but I don't like the things that are happening. When I was in my early thirties (and hardly old - I was only having my babies then!) I started getting cherry angiomas on my body which have just multiplied as I've got older and have now crept onto my boobs, then a couple of years ago I got a solar keratosis (?sp) on my nose which is now getting worse (ie noticeable to other people) and the final indignity - a skin tag on my neck!
And I thought wrinkles were as bad as it would get. I wish.
Sorry, just wanted a moan.
3b in South Australia.
Skin tags are easy to remove. My dr told me to pull it with tweezers and cut it off with a razor. Also I believe you can use apple cider vinegar on them. They bleed like crazy but then heal up

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I read something about tying dental floss around them so it cuts through, but that seemed a bit fiddly, maybe cutting with a razor would work. Think I'd have to get my SO to do it, sure he'll be thrilled!
3b in South Australia.
I snip mine off with very sharp scissors.
I've found that squeezing it with tweezers sometimes accomplishes it

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For the cherry angiomas, look for an electrolysis tech that will zap them. Quick and relatively painless!

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Starmie, for the keratosis, have a derm take it off. Should be quick and painless and relatively inexpensive. S/he can take off the skin tag at the same time.

OT: do you like tomato sauce? I probably eat a half cup 4-5 times a week because I love it. There is quite reliable evidence that it helps protect against sun damage. It's the lycopene in it (also found in watermelon and red and orange peppers). If you can chow down on that regularly, it may help prevent future keratoses - can't hurt anyway. Sort of internal sunscreen.
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Always learning things on here!

CP - I didn't know that about lycopene, I know it's good for you and I do eat a lot of tomato-y things. I've had the keratosis looked at before, when it was inflamed one time, and we spoke about removing it at some point, I think I need a revisit.

Gypsycurls - I didn't realise it could be so simple, I'm definitely going to look into that, they really are unsightly. I tend to be in the camp of leaving things alone unless they're actually causing a problem, but I think I'm at a stage where I want to try to make more of an effort (I think it's a lot to do with letting my hair go grey, it's making me want to keep everything else looking the best it can do).

Perri and Claudine - Ouch! Does it hurt much?
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3b in South Australia.
Just a little sting.

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A get a rare skin tag hear and there. I use sharp nail scissors, A pinch, a bit of bleeding, done.
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Yeah, no pain. Just snip and it's done.

p.s. what's keratosis?
It's basically a change in skin due to sun damage. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, mine's a patch of rough dry skin that was skin-coloured for the longest time but is now reddish. They can turn cancerous, I really should get it looked at again. I never go out without sunscreen and avoid the worst of the sun here, but I think the damage was done when I was younger and still in the UK, when lying out in the sun whenever it appeared was the norm. Live and learn.
3b in South Australia.

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