hair length dilemma

My hair is a longer bob ... to my shoulders when wet, but a couple of inches above it when dry. Although I think the length is more flattering on me than when it was BSL, I do miss my longer hair.
With the summer humidity here, I missing being able to clip it up and have it look decent. When I pull it off my face now, I don't like the look of it.
I do this dance all the time ... let it grow ... I usually cut it after I get it to BSL. I bob it off and then think .... well maybe I should grow it again.
I do know that I need some length. If my hair is too short, I lose a lot of curl.
Originally Posted by FrizzBgone
My hair is similar in cut, but angled. Side swept bangs are growing out and around ear length. To get it off my face, I take one of those "clip" looking things (that don't have a name on the package) and put it on the corner. It maintains the "style," but gets it off my face. I also had the back cut shorter and angled down--keeps the hair off my neck for this hot, humid weather. My hairdresser was afraid I'd loose the curl, but the healthy hair is actually curling a little more.
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Hair length really depends on your face shape and your preference. My hair is longer now that I'm in my forties than it was when I was in my 30s. My hairdresser during that decade was of the mindset that shorter is better after 30. My current hairdresser doesn't subscribe to that idea. Anyways, I like it better at this longer length - long layers angled from my chin to shoulder blade length in the back. Plus I've learned that my hair type curls better at a longer length.
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I think a good cut is key to any length. I'm hoping to be able to keep some length again. It would be nice to have the versality that some length offers.

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yeah, it's whatever you want. your choice. i am growing my hair until i am ready to go gray, then i will get the short cut, quit coloring and grow it out again, seeing how it comes out. i had the longest hair at my 40th high school reunion. everyone else had shorter hair, some had the "older woman" look and some looked very youthful with the shorter hair. i like putting mine up too when i hike so it suits me well to have long hair.
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I got my hair cut this weekend. The longest part is still at chin length, but it is cut in a way that is making the top part curl like mad. The overall shape is more flattering, but I can't get used to all this curl.

I want to like my real hair, but I think tight curls just make me me look old. I was out shopping on Sunday and some teenage girls were walking behind me and I think they were laughing at me. Well, maybe they weren't laughing at me, but I felt very self-conscious with really curly hair.

I know that I am going against philosophy in not wanting tight curls! I so wish I could find a styling product that would reduce frizz but wouldn't make it curl up so much. I'd really like waves, not curls.

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Sorry you're not happy w/your hair. Do you have any pics? Maybe someone could give you suggestions....
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I appreciate the offer of help, but I'm a little weird about posting photos on the internet.

I think I just need to let it grow out. It's not super short, but with the curl, it gives that impression. Until then, I guess I just have to start experimenting with styling products.
The best thing I ever did was cut my hair 3 years ago, I was scared at first, but with all the new products out now (where were they in the '60's?) and my Chi I am a happy camper. I was tired of ponytails. I'm lucky as my hairdresser and I are best friends and have been since 1st grade. I looked at her one day and said cut it, she said you sure? Yep, then I closed my eyes and let her have at it. She then ordered my Chi for me. I love it now that 1 hour before I need to be somewhere I can wash, dry and style my hair and make it on time. I use Biolage Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner and Biolage smoothing serum. My hair is soft and holds for 2 days using these products, and I have tried them all. It even holds in this midwest humidity. (no Chi touch ups!) I also use a Satin pillow slip for sleeping on.I now feel like the grandmother I am instead of trying to look younger with long hair.

My suggestion is find a stylist you can trust.
I'm glad you like your hair!

I think most women on this board would think my hair looks pretty good when I'm having a good day. I think the cut is one of the best I've had in years, and frames my face so much more nicely than my last previous, oh, 12 haircuts, but it definitely curls more than it did before it was cut. No amount of product seems to turn the curl into waves, which is what I would prefer.

I think I would look cute with shortish curls if I were 20, but at my age (46), I think this length and amount of curl just makes me look older. Even though I'm old enough to be a grandmother, my youngest child is 7, and I'm just not thrilled about the prospect of being mistaken for her grandmother.

Edited to add that today I used Biosilk Silk Therapy under Garnier Fructis Curl Construct mousse, with no scrunching at all. My hair does best when the top stays straight for as long as possible while it air dries. Voila: loose waves, and I actually like my hair today! Yay! It's not CG, but I've got to do what makes me like my hair. I really do think this is a good haircut, flattering on me with certain products and styling methods.

I may try scrunching just the bottom (hair around my neck) tomorrow, because the wave pattern seemed a bit undefined in the back. I find I that like my hair either from the back or from the front, but never both on the same day. The top looks best when it is a bit less curly, but the back looks better with more defined curl.

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I agree, smoother on top and curly around the bottom of the cut. I loved having long hair, but I got tired of the pony tails. Although it was easy when we spent weekends at the lake, felt summery! I think what style you like the best is how you should wear your hair. Now that I am older my hair isn't a pretty curl like it was when I was younger, it is just frizzy now. That's why I told my friend to just cut it. She has curly hair too, and that helps alot.

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