Need some older women's views

i personally would not mess with it if it were me. congratulations on your healing from breast cancer. i am a big believer in not disturbing an area which is healed.
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Thanks! I guess a dimple in my boob that might have bothered me at 27 and doesn't at 57 is like a life lesson in what is really important and what isn't!
Originally Posted by munchkin
There you go. I have plenty of scars from surgery, wounds, etc. Some are very visible, but most people don't notice. I have learned to live with them, they are part of me now. Most of them were before DH came along, they don't bother him.

If it doesn't bother you or hubby, I'd leave it be. Maybe the doctor was just offering information, some people need to have everything as back to normal as possible. Don't let it bother you. You have your health and you are a survivor.

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My question: Is this something you think you would have done? It would mean surgery. I just can't figure out in my mind if I should be more concerned than I am. Just wondered what other older women thought. . . how would you feel if it was you?
Originally Posted by munchkin
Congrats on staying healthy. In the bigger scheme of things, the dimple doesn't really matter, but being vain as I am, i'd probably opt for it because it seems really simple to do.

I'm not surprised that a woman doctor suggested it. Male doctors tend to pat us on the head and tell us not to worry about things whereas a woman might understand our feelings about our bodies better. Or at least my feelings about my body. JMO
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