Micro Trim Question/Problem

I posted this in the General area, but I thought since some of you ladies cut your own hair, I would post here also:

My dd has been giving me micro trims for months. Yesterday, however, it seems like something went awry. Although the amount of hair on the floor was very minimal, my hair sort of looks more blunt cut on the top layer than normal. It feels more shelf like than defined and I seem to have lost some curl pattern. I'm tempted to go to a salon and have it "fixed", but don't know if I would just make it worse. Should I just leave it alone until it grows some more? Suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
hmmm. I don't think I can be of much help since I'm terrified of anyone holding scissors near my hair and I the only way anyone could get me into a salon is if I was sedated and they carried me in.
But, for my hair anyway, sometimes after I cut it the ends will be straighter than the rest of my hair and I have to give it another little trim. Don't know if I can explain that better - it's like it has to be cut at the right distance between two of the loops in my hair.
Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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I wish you could "fix" my hair, Jeep. I think what happened was I asked her to trim the next layer up from the bottom, but the trim left a definite division between layers. It'll all come out in the wash.
Well, Maudie, if you live in FLA, you could go to Cynthia at the Studio Christopher James Salon in St. Pete. I'm headed there this weekend for a trim myself! She'd be able to fix it I'm sure. She's taken seminars with Lorraine, so she knows the curly girl method.

I will say, as with Jeep, my hair kind goes into shock everytime I have it trimmed or re-shaped. It takes a couple of weeks before it finally calms down and starts to take shape.

I usually 'dust' my hair for split ends in between trims. The Fla heat and humidity really take it's toll on hair down here, but I like to prolong the trims as much as possible, giving my hair a chance to grow. However, when the split ends are coming in faster than I can find and cut them, I know it's time to get 'professional help!'
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Just a little update. I went to a local Great Clips and am very happy with the results. The woman who cut my hair had her own curls, she was willing to cut it dry and shaped it up slightly. So now it is more defined and not quite so shelf like. I dropped in after I had already gelled my hair so the combing sort of pulled on my hair (my fault; next time I will go product free).

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