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AmayMama 01-05-2013 01:04 PM

3& 1/2 yr. old multiracial child w/ multiple hair types
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My son is multiracial and, from what I can tell, has a mix between hair types 3c - curly coily, 4a - coily springy, & 4b - coily crimpy. I love his hair but am unfamiliar with how to care for & style his hair types (my hair would be 2B - wavy curvy & his dad's is 4c - coily ziggly, but my son lives w/ me so I am the one who takes care of his hair).

I don't do much to his hair & am not as consistent as I could be. I wash it 2x a week. I have been using cantu shea butter moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. I put an organic leave-in conditioner at night after I do wash it. In the morning, I wet his hair with water from a spray bottle & spray leave-in conditioner. I then run my fingers through his hair w/ the styling/curl conditioning cream I bought w/ his shampoo & conditioner. I almost never comb his hair anymore but when I do,I make sure it's wet & I'm using a wide-tooth comb.

I used to cut it short w/ hair scissors but decided to let it grow, so I want to know how to style it, care for it, and make it look nice while still being low-maintenance since he's so young (3& a half & cannot be still to save his life) & I'm so busy. ANY suggestions, tips, hints, stories, etc. are welcome.

Thank you!

Amanda :)

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