Almost 3 yr old wavy girl

I just found the CG forum a few days ago and am going to try CG for myself. I wonder what I can do for my daughter though and would love some advice.

She is almost 3 and has the most gorgeous wavy hair. People ask me if I curl it. All I do is wash it (maybe 3x a week), condition and rinse, use a pick to comb through. On no-wash days I use a Dove conditioner spray and a pick. It is shiny, blonde, beautiful, and just past her shoulders. She has never had a haircut or trim.

I have always just used baby shampoo and conditioner. Are there CG type products that won't sting her eyes? Would it be better if I didn't shampoo her at all? WHat conditioner wash would be best for such a small child? Her hair does get a little un-smooth (I am not so sure it is "frizzy" as much as not smooth) if I do not use a spray conditioner. Sometimes I put a tiny mist of gel or hair spray to keep it out of her eyes.

Suggestions for a routine and products?
I don't have any kids but having been a wavy/curly kid at one time myself I always feel the need to respond to these threads for some reason. I think it's admirable you want to find the best routine for her.

The eyes are supposed to be alkaline, and the hair and skin are supposed to be acidic. So, most baby hair products that are formulated to not hurt their eyes, are not going to be ideal for hair and skin. And most products pH balanced for adult hair will sting eyes.

The good news is that hair and skin starts out neutral at birth, and only becomes more acidic as we age. (Then less acidic as we get very much older, which is one reason for degradation of hair and skin as we age.)

If you have already found a baby conditioner that you like, that does not hurt her eyes, then, assuming it is free of silicones, you can co-wash with it.

When it starts to get longer, make sure you start at the bottom and work up while detangling. Lots of us here are traumatized by detangling, lol.
I use Nature's Baby Organics on my 1-year-old. They are very mild and her hair is much softer and shinier than it was with sulfate baby shampoos. The website for it is: If you don't want to buy something on-line, Target sells California Baby which is also CG. I've never tried CB, so I can't comment on it though. Good luck! Your daughter sounds lovely.
Loose botticelli curls and waves
No silicones/no sulfates since March 2008
I use Fuzzy Duck on my 2 y/o. I don't know if it's "specifically" tear free, but she's never cried while using it. I wash her hair about twice a week and condition the other days. She doesn't get a bath daily; about 3-4 times a week. She has hardly any hair though so it doesn't get tangled at all.

California Baby is fine, but the smell is really too strong for me.

Kandoo has a sulfate free "tear free" shampoo, but DS uses it with Moisture Maniac conditioner so I don't really know how good/bad it is for hair.

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Well I looked at the conditioner I have used on my daughter since she was an infant and it is California Baby. So that;s good to keep using, right? My question: when I use it, even without shampooing first, I always gets suds. Why is that??
Most conditioners have surfactants in them and often they'll suds when rinsed. If you look down when you're rinsing your own conditioner out, often you'll see suds in the bottom of the tub/shower. They're not usually left over from shampoo like I used to assume, they're from the conditioner.

Those surfactants are what curlies who conditioner-wash capitalize on to get their hair clean without shampoo, though different conditioners will have different surfactants and different levels of them. Some conditioners will be better for that purpose than others as a result.
I like Burt's Bees and California Baby. You can get both at Target. They work well and are sulfate free.

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