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Default Aunt of a frizz ball

So my nephew is 18 months old. He is bi-racial, him mom is white with very thick, coarse, curly hair and his dad is black with coarse very very curly hair, maybe in the 4's? Anyways, my nephew has the craziest hair, and I'd like to help my sister tame it. She ends up having to chop it all of because it gets too out of control.

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He's gorgeous! The main thing I would do to control the frizz is to quit using Johnson's. All that's going to do is dry it out and make the frizz worse. I really like Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and California Baby Shampoo. California Baby makes a conditioner too, that I use about every 3rd washing ro so. My little guy doesn't need much conditioner though. I think both of those products you can get at Target.

They should see quite a change just changing products.

Originally Posted by fi****ango View Post
So my nephew is 18 months old. He is bi-racial, him mom is white with very thick, coarse, curly hair and his dad is black with coarse very very curly hair, maybe in the 4's? Anyways, my nephew has the craziest hair, and I'd like to help my sister tame it. She ends up having to chop it all of because it gets too out of control.

His crazy fro:

Another afro picture:

And no more hair:

we love him and his little afro, but my sister (his mom) and his dad don't like the way it looks when it's like that because rather then being neat curls like it is when it's short, it is a big frizzy mess. All they use on him is johnsons baby shampoo, and a baby hair detangler for kids with hair like his.

First off, does anyone know his hair type?

Secondly, is there a way we can grow it out and have it look nice and neat?
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He is sooooo cute! Adorable! I had straight hair until I was almost 5 and the it turned wavy and about 6 years later VERY kinky and curly all the way to a 3b. My cousin who is also biracial had curly hair that got straighter as she grew older.

So I think its hard to say what he'll eventually be. My mom just washed my hair, conditioned and would just comb in leave in conditioner. Kids hair is supposed to be kinda messy anyway. Like the other poster siad just don't use anything drying! A lot of those detangler products can be.

They should should stop cutting it and let it grow longer. I love the heads with lots of curls on boys. I think he look cute with the fro!
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my son's hair looks like that - sort of. I suggest laying off the shampoo unless the hair is actually dirty. In case of dirt, use a non-sulfate shampoo like JASON's or something super mild. Then put a tiny bit of conditioner in the hair while wet and use your fingers to comb it through until curls start to form. Don't rinse it out and let it dry naturally.

There's a bunch of products on NC.com that are good for babies - the Curls products are good.
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His hair isn't crazy! It's gorgeous.
I echo the other posters
  • use a gentler shampoo,
  • use a moisturizer (we use Myhoneychild products on my girls) and
  • let it dry naturally
His hair is going to be curly, frizzy, and non-defined (even if it starts out with defined curls, see what it looks like after playing all day).

...And there is nothing wrong with that. Embrace his naturalness.

mini-album w/ various styles for the past 10 years of natural hair:
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his hair really isnt bad at all-just try the curly girl method to make it easier to manage
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I agree with the poster that said it's hard to tell what curl type he'll eventually be.

I know biracial children who are 4c and kinkier, who started out with hair like your nephew's in his infant photos.

Anything is possible--I've seen biracial kids with 4C-and-above with hair kinky enough to loc (Bob Marley had a full-white father).......and biracial kids with hair so pin-straight that they have no need to come to this board. And sometimes they're siblings, even.

Hopefully they're not brushing his hair, it makes it way frizzier. They could also try using a big shower comb to detangle, and detangle only when wet or damp. You could also try finger-curling random sections his hair while it's damp and the product has already been applied, then let them dry naturally.

And ITA with wavesncurlz--embrace his natural hair, whether it's big chunky curls or a kinky afro. I think that's really important--so he won't think that something's "wrong" with him or his hair. Just keep it moisturized and healthy, and let it 'do what it do' naturally. He's cute as a button! I don't see anything wrong w/his hair either.

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All of my fam is bi-racial as well as I am too. when i was lil my mom wash it and put luster's pink moisturizer in my hair and ran her fingers through it to form the curls and they will stay for a while . Just don't wash his hair too much b-cuz it will dry out.
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OMG he is tooo cute. And what personality.

Blended Beauty makes a line for kids called Blended Cutie. This is a line made for multi-racial folks. You can check out the site http://www.blendedbeauty.com/products-kids.html
They have sample kits that you can get depending on hair type also. You can see before and after pics of how the hair looks when using their products.
"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair?" - from a t-shirt my brother gave me years ago. I loved it!

Have discovered I cannot live without KCCC and plopping. Always knew that I was dependant on my diffuser.
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I know this thread is kind of old, but I think he has 3c hair. It might even be 3b, but it's hard to tell at that length.
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