Curly Q Princess Glaze

\If anyone's interested in Curly Q Princess Glaze for their little prince or princess, I have approx 5 oz left in a 6 oz bottle I'll sell for $8. I'll take the loss on shipping ETA: (U.S. only though). I take checking/debit on Pay Pal. Just send me a PM. Thanks!/

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P.M'd you
Trying to work out my 5 year olds 2c fine frizzy/curly hair
Password; curlygirl

Loving KBB and Kinky Curly!!
PM'd you back: give me your addy & I'll find out the shipping cost to the UK. Thanx!
I had considered trying this one for my girls as they need more hold than AOMM Jelly provides. You didn't like it?
RIP Natasha Richardson

Holy Grails: Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner, AVG, EVO Coconut Oil, Amla Oil, KC Spiral Spritz, Brahmi Oil, Tea Tree eo, Rosemary eo, Distilled H2O, Aloe Vera Juice, Neem Oil, ACV, Dr. Bonner's Skikakai Castile Soap, Avocado Oil

Sometimes: AOMM Jelly, KCNT, KCCC

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I'd have to try it again to tell you how it works because I can't remember from a few weeks ago/the last (third) time I tried it. Sorry.

BTW, it's SOLD

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