Racism: do you think it's going away in the US or making a comeback?

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Having seen and experienced Jim Crow, and lived through the (modern) Civil Rights Movement, I have to say that there are huge changes. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go, but that doesn't mean we haven't made progress, and I don't think it's helpful to deny the progress that has been made. It was hard fought, and paid for in blood.

Unfortunately, some politicians chose to pander to and incite racial animosity in order to get people to vote against their own interests. It used to be the "Dixiecrats" who did this, back when the Republican party was still true to its roots as the party of Lincoln, but there was a big switcharoo back when LBJ introduced his Great Society programs. They're trying to take advantage of the antagonism racists feel about having a black President, but not only did he get elected, but we elected him twice, and by a better margin the second time. They've been emboldened, but they're not winning themselves any new friends: they just can't see and hear that in their echo chamber. I think it's their last great gasp though.
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Unfortunately racism is not a white-black thing. It hapens in ALL parts of the world with all diferent ethnicities and races. I do believe "tribalism" is something programed in our human nature, maybe a way of passing your dna on, who knows.

I think even if it has improved a lot, the problem has never been handled quiet well. It has been politizied and used for personal and electoral benefits, and I think the quota/positive discrimination and making certain words taboo is not giving good results. The same with the feminist movements.

Things have gone better, but I somehow wish the perspective was changed towards how the LGBT movement fight has been:

Instead of the classic "you have been opressing us for years and you can't call me this or that word because you ofend me and I demand this and this compensation and If you dont agree you are racist",

go for a more: "look just how ridiculous and ignorant fool you are making of yourself by trying to insult me like that, hahahhaha poor creature go back to your cave"

I think the results would be better laughing at ignorants than making them think they are equals in this battle.
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I think that we've made a lot of progress but there is still more that needs to be made. I think part of the problem is that a lot of people are simply afraid to confront the issue.
I think that a lot of white people are racist against black people. I think a lot of black people are racist against white people. I think if we set any two races against each other we will draw the same conclusion.

Is the majority of people racist against people not of their own race? No. I really do not believe so.

Is racism becoming more "popular". Yes, I believe so and the reason is that current society has a huge drive against anything that is different. I think it has been ever since 9/11. I think society has to roll back the "fear factor" and understand that bad people will do bad things and good people will do good things, and most of us are just trying to get by day to day with the least aggravation.

When you give the public the impression that there are terrorists behind every corner and use it as an excuse to take away rights protecting them. When country's go to war pre-emptively. When cops are told to shoot first and justify it later, then what you have is a broken society and OF COURSE one that is scared of anyone "different".

I think the media and the government really has to own this and start the process of changing this. I think it will take generations to improve. I think they have a lot to answer for. Not that anyone ever will.

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