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I might have been one of those "nice" Obama callers! I will be volunteering one last time tomorrow morning!

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I was seeing some jeremiah wright ads here.
^^^i saw a few of those on a Detroit channel last night.
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I got at least 4 robocalls over the weekend from the McCain campaign and then one cute on from Obama last night telling me to vote .
I was seeing some jeremiah wright ads here.
Originally Posted by CurlyGina2
I live in Missouri so we get all the TV ads from both sides. I've seen a lot of that Jeremiah Wright ad. It makes me laugh.

Early on in this campaign, the tone of the ads struck me in how different they were. McCain was quick to attack Obama, while Obama mainly focused on his own attributes. Now they have both gone negative but I found that difference telling.

I don't have a home phone so I don't get any calls, which is great. In the midterm elections, they drove me crazy. I haven't gotten a single mailing from a Republican candidate.

I'm impressed by the Obama campaigns get out the vote drive though. I have gotten so many mailings and live people coming by, trying to bring out Obama's base.

No robocalls for me and in a way I miss them. Last election I got one from Stockard Channing. I did get one from Former Sentator George Mitchell but it was in relation to a local race.

The McCain campaign leaves us alone. Susan Collins (R) asked them to stop using them in Maine because we're smarter than that and there is no place for that type of campaigning. I really respected her for distancing herself. Sure it's probably a survival technique but whatever. Makes me respect her more.
Republicans don't even try where I live. It's kind of nice.
Originally Posted by iris427
Ditto that, i'm in IL.. I haven't heard a thing about McCain other than on the news, lolol
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I'm so glad to see our nation did NOT respond favorably to the fear and hate campaign!

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