Where are the babywearers?

I have an Ergo carrier I bought for DS when he was older, but I want to get something appropriate for newborns - I'm researching Maya Wrap, Moby Wrap and Sleepy Wrap type styles, which are all said to be best for newborns-infants.

I like the flexibility of the wrap style (no rings/buckles but one long strip of fabric guided around parent's body that holds baby to the chest). My concerns are that I don't know if something wrapped around my midsection (esp if I have to have cesarean) would be comfy, as well as the ease of putting it on.
Moby/ Sleepy wrap style:

The ring sling (Maya) is appealing as it seems faster to put on, but less easy to keep baby snuggly and in pictures there seems to be a lot of excess fabric hanging down.

Maya Ring sling wrap

Any suggestions? There are some beautiful wraps out there that top $100 but I'm looking for something more functional, comfy and budget-minded.
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I used the K'tan carrier. It's like the Moby wrap. I had a c-section with Davin, and it didn't cause any pain for me. I liked it because it was really easy to use and I always felt like Davin was really secure in it. Instead of being one, long piece of fabric, it was two large rings of fabric hooked together with a smaller ring. It made carrying in a variety of positions really easy. There was also one separate long sash to use for extra security if you needed it.

Baby K'tan carrier
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I have ergos, ring slings, moby and didymos wraps
moby is good for a newborn but it is a little on the warm side. It's also a lot of fabric and can be a bit bulky

ring - I didn't use on my newborn - but it was good for later on when he could sit up a bit

didymos is my favorite, it was very breathable fabric and not too long. I used it longer than my other wraps.

if I had another kid, I'd probably look into a mai ti
I used my Ergo with my son from the beginning. I just folded up a blanket in the bottom so he sat higher up. It worked great.

My Sleepy Wrap just arrived in the mail this afternoon and I really like it. It's A LOT of fabric(especially for someone that is 5' 1.5"), but it is easy to put on. I also have a Mei Tai that I will use, but I didn't get it with my daughter until she was about 7 months old, so I don't know how it will be with a newborn.

I absolutely love my sleepy wrap. It's good up until 15 pounds and you can find awesome tutorials on YouTube on how to properly wrap. I'm in the market now for a woven wrap since my 14 month old just hit 16 pounds so the sleepy wrap is not as comfortable anymore. It is also easy to nurse in.
I wore both of my children. My favorite is a wrap or ring sling for my newborns and by the time they are 6-8 months I switch to a mei tai.

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I wore both of my children. My favorite is a wrap or ring sling for my newborns and by the time they are 6-8 months I switch to a mei tai.
Originally Posted by Ms. Naturally Coily
Any particular brand?

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When my son was a newborn I just had a Maya Wrap ring sling. I liked it OK (once I had someone show me how to use it), then I also got a mei tai (Mei Tai baby).

With my daughter, when she was a newborn my favorites were stretchy wraps (moby and a gypsy mama). I liked that she was really secure in there (where with the ring sling I always had to use a hand for support if I was active at all). It is a lot of fabric. I used a mei tai with her also (Kozy) which became a favorite as she got bigger, and a woven wrap too (Storchenwiege Leo). I also had a hotslings pouch.

I think for versatility, a Mei tai is or woven wrap is best, because you can use it newborn through toddler, front or back or hip carry, or high back carry. A mei tai is a lot less fabric and is easier for beginners to figure out. Wraps are a little more versatile but a bit hotter and the learning curve is steeper. Stretchy wraps are inexpensive and super-snuggly for wee babies. One shoulder carriers like slings and pouches are nice because they are compact and easy to carry and easy to pop a kid in or out of, but they don't distribute the weight as well.
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I bought a baby k'tan today; had a coupon at Buybuybaby where they had several different brands to try on & consultants to answer questions . Can't wait to wear my baby !!!

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I wore/wear mine. No particular brands. I just used long pieces of fabric from birth. I have an Ergo which I use - I would love it except I'm petite and it's a little on the big side. It came with a newborn head insert which I used with other wraps, but KK held his head up very early on so I didn't need it for long with him.
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I wear mine. I have Moby wraps and I really like them. I don't find them to be bulky or warm. Yesterday I went on a shopping excursion that specifically stated no strollers, so I knew I had to wear Eliza. I was worried at first about being too hot because shopping makes me sweaty (don't laugh), E was wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants, and it ended up beng about 70+ degrees out and surprisingly, we both stayed cool.

I've even used the Moby with Majerle. I bought my first one when I initially found out I was pregnant with E and we practiced wrapping using M. Both her dad and I found it to be comfy and secure feeling despite the fact that she was 3 and approx. 30 lbs.
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Bought a Moby recently on sale, I'm liking it a little more than K'tan because the k'tan seemed to get too tight after I washed it.

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I liked the moby a lot for when they're small. I would put it on before leaving the house and then be able to pop him in once we got wherever we were going. It was especially great for grocery shopping and going out to eat
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