car seat - which one do you like best/how fits in your car

Our lil guy has outgrown his Graco carseat. We went to get a Britax Decathlon or Boulevard. Here's info on them: and
We will use the car seat in a 1997 Jetta for now...Not sure how well it would fit. We are thinking of getting a bigger car, an SUV possibly, so that would likely fit better. We want to use the recline feature on the car seat. Any opinions, experiences? TIA
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You could go to the baby store and ask to try both floor models in your car and see which one fits best. They usually let you do that.
I have a new favorite seat - its the Sunshine Kids Radian. It was a little cheaper than our Marathon, but is the same quality and is SO MUCH SLIMMER.

If you have the room the Marathon is nice, but its a beast.

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