When did you tell people?

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When did you decide to tell people you were pregnant?
Originally Posted by iris427
we didn't tell people either time until i was out of my first trimester. we did this for 2 reasons: 1. to see the babies healthfully into the second trimester, and 2. to respect our private and intimate time. my husband and i relished knowing that we had such a tremendous secret growing in me that no one else was in on. i remember to this day the smiles and looks that we exchanged among family and friends long before we decided to tell them. soon enough, everyone would know and everyone would see. but until then, for those first few months, it was just for the two of us to know. that is precious to me.
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We did want to say something around a holiday, but decided against it since we were not exactly in our first trimester end...
When we did decide after the holiday, but what happened to be a family event that was special, we did announce then...
Everything turned out great...
In fact my cousins said something about us already knowing, I said, 'yes' we did, but wanted to wait until the 12 weeks was up...
We did tell my folks..the look on their face was priceless! Since it was 10 years in the making!
And our good friends...that's it!

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I am only 6 weeks and a few days. Normally I would not be telling people I was pregnant yet, especially since we haven't heard a heartbeat or anything yet.


1. We have a whole bunch of people who think they are coming to our wedding in September. A lot of them are out of town. Since I know that is not going to happen, I feel like I owe people as a courtesy to tell them fairly soon, so they don't make plans to travel, take off work, etc.

2. My being in the third trimester this summer could affect my job. I spend the summer on my feet outside all day, and our summer days are typically 95 degrees with high humidity, often reaching into the 100s. I will need to talk to my supervisor about my options for working this summer. This job is technically seasonal and summer is when I work the most hours.

But I know I am still at a relatively high risk of miscarriage since I'm so early and we have not heard a heartbeat yet. I am hesitant to tell people until we have at least confirmed that it's a healthy pregnancy. I have my next appointment and an ultrasound set for 5 weeks from now, but I am going to try and get in to see some other doctors (see my other post about finding a practitioner I like) so I don't know whether they will do ultrasound/doppler any earlier.

Thoughts? When did you decide to tell people you were pregnant?
Originally Posted by iris427
Re: #2 - I think it was a combination of luck and stubborness/determination born of financial and personal necessity, but I didn't change my schedule or anything right up until the day my baby was born. I worked throughout the third trimester, and while generally my job was an indoor desk job, for the last 3 weeks or so before my baby was born, we ran an outdoor theatre festival and I was on my feet for hours a day in July heat and humidity - and I survived. I also did an opera at about 7 months where I was constantly on my feet. People I worked with were very helpful in trying to get me to take breaks and so on, and I am sure that that will happen for you, too. I worked until the day I went into labour, and baby was fine. I personally don't think you should ask for a job modification unless there are health reasons and it is recommended by your doctor - but that's just me.

If you do decide that you need accomodations at work, I don't think you need to bring it up for at least a couple more months.
Originally Posted by Amneris
I've thought about this more and I agree with you that I will be fine this summer, assuming no complications. I have decided not to talk to my supervisor for a while. I will be able to work without asking for any modifications. And I just found out that I have a coworker who is due only 4 days before me! She is on her second pregnancy and does not seem worried about working this summer, so that reassured me as well.

But I did cave and tell my friends

I'm a blabbermouth...I always told everyone right away. I had no reason to keep it to myself.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves

Me too...I was so excited. We told my folks about #3 by giving my mom a set of baby shoes.
My son wears combat boots (and a parachute). So does my son-in-law.
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I had 2 co-workers tell me I was PG before I got the positive test, so I told them as soon as I got the positive at a little under 4 weeks. We told family after seeing the heartbeat at the 8 week ultrasound, and I "officially" told work at 12-13 weeks.
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