The First Movements

How would you describe the feeling of your child's first movements while inside of you? I am just at 20 weeks and I think I am now feeling my little girl, but I am not for sure. I was told by the dr. that it would feel like a slight fluttering feeling and I think that is what I am feeling, but I only feel it when I am laying down. It really doesn't feel like cramps, contractions, or gas bubbles.
I've never heard anyone describe it like cramps or contractions.

Yes, I'd say fluttering or painless gas rumblings.

If you're at 20 weeks and you're feeling something, I'll bet that's it!

Spiderlashes, I only said cramps and contractions because that is something that I have to be on the look for because I just had a rescue cerclage put in(see the bed rest post).
I see. Well, that's good! I bet she's swimming around in there, just fine.

I guess it's like if a butterfly got trapped in your insides. How you'd imagine that to feel.

I started feeling mine around 19 weeks. Before that, I had a really hard time telling if what I felt was the baby or gas. But around 19 weeks I started feeling that fluttering sensation when I was sure there was nothing else going on in my tummy, and then I started feeling it several times a day.

I think it's perfectly normal at this point to only feel it when you're laying down. Babies are often quieter when you're moving around. I usually only feel mine when I'm laying down or sitting although now the movements are getting stronger and occasionally I feel them at other times too.

Enjoy it! It's one of the best feelings in the world!
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Mine was more like popcorn popping at first. I imagined a tiny kickboxer in there.
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I first felt him around 15-16 weeks, and by 20 weeks I was definitely feeling it! So that's probably what you're feeling.

To me, it felt like a little fish flipping around in there, or sometimes what Bailey said about the popcorn.

It never felt like gas for me either. I felt him more at night, or after eating. If you drink a little something sweet, like juice, sometimes the baby will move in response.
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it felt like gas or popcorn popping to me. i had no idea that it was the baby moving because i was waiting to feel that "fluttering/butterflies in your tummy feeling" so im not sure when it was when i first felt her move.
People kept telling me I was probably feeling it and not knowing it, but I'm not so sure. I had an ultrasound the week before I know for sure that I felt movement. During the ultrasound the baby was moving a lot (according to the midwife anyway) and I didn't feel a thing.

I think the feeling is really hard to describe. It doesn't feel exactly like any one thing to me.
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