Should I call the doctor?

I'd use a 1ml syringe to give an infant any medication (5ml=1tsp). It's skinny, so you can get it in their little mouths and squirt towards the back of their cheeks.

Usually an infant will just suck on the little syringe and suck the med down.

Right after I give a med via syringe I pop a binky in the babe's mouth (if they use a pacifier) and this helps them suck/swallow med down.

Or we use a nipple. Place the nipple in the babe's mouth and drop medicine in the bottom...they'll usually suck it down. Adding a little breastmilk might help.

RSV is scary...we're very busy with it right now at the hospital.

Good luck. Trust your instincts!
p.s. I usually don't repeat a full dose unless I know for sure the child did not get any of the med (emesis immediately afterwards, completely spit it out, etc). Depending on what med it is, I might pop a little bit (defn not a full dose) more in their mouth if they spit a lot of it back out at me.
How's he doing now, Pixie? We have been battling our own RSV case here and improvement is slow.

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He's great, I would say he's 100% better. I even felt safe going to the hospital with him to visit my sister this weekend, which I definitely would NOT have done if he still had any symptoms whatsoever.
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