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Default i'm going to train to become a birth doula!

i've been considering this since my wonderful home birth with lydia, and the timing has worked out so that i can finally do it!

there is a training happening in my city at the end of the summer, and i just happened to get my tax return in time to register for it.

a friend of mine who is also a new mom is going to take the training at the same time, and we will partner.

she is a part-time student studying nursing and herbalism and eventually plans to do midwifery, and has a 4 month old, and i work half-time, so we are going to both doula part-time and back one another up.

we're also working to create a co-operative herbal medicine garden and a women's health/birthing reading room/lending library.

if it looks i might move into doing birth work more full than part time, i plan to eventually train to become a postpartum doula as well.

i'm super excited, so i wanted to share!

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Oh how exciting! Congratulations! I've thought about becoming a doula or a lactation consultant, but the timing has never been right.
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That is so cool. Good luck!!
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Oh how wonderful. We need more doulas out there. I was thankful to have not one...but two great doulas to assist me during labor (and, I found out that one of them was the wife of a famous painter...)
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Default Awesome

Wow--this is very exciting. I like how you're already thinking big about your next steps. The world needs more doulas and better resources for pregnancy, childbirth, and raising healthy families. Congratulations and good luck!
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That's awesome mama!!!! You are living my dream, I know you will be amazing!!!

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Doulas are wonderful. Good for you!

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That is very cool, mayim! I know you're very passionate about this, so it's awesome that you're getting to actually do what you love. Congrats!
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